We calculated value of our services to the ruble

rodl-v-otziv«Rödl&Partner» is an international consulting company with more than 200 top-ranked specialists working in the sphere of law, taxation and audit. The main competitive advantage of «Rödl&Partner» is cross-disciplinary principles of work performance of its employees. Company management chose CrocoTime service in order to optimize work of their employees, to calculate internal expenses on projects and to find ways to save funds.


The best way to make it is using of CrocoTime processes tracking

In CrocoTime agent tracking application an employee selects a task and clicks «Start» button. The system records the track. Having finished working on a task, an employee clicks «Stop» button and enters a result to the system.

Time tracking results are imposed upon monitoring statistics of employees’ computer activities. As a result, a manager gets unique data for business-processes analysis.


One of important competitive advantages of CrocoTime using is an extra specification of necessary information about work for our customers which is not usually provided by other similar systems. The other important advantage is the opportunity to see the whole picture of a working day of employees online, as it is sometimes hard to remember what and when you did. CrocoTime records everything automatically

Irina Semushkina
Deputy Director of Rödl & Partner in Russia


What did CrocoTime implementation give to Rödl & Partner?

  • Detailed work specification on customers’ projects

Now employees have the opportunity to give documentary evidence of executed work for a customer or the company management. It inspires customers’ confidence and attracts new partners.

  • Online picture of a workday

It is hard to remember an exact time of working on a task after some time. CrocoTime records this data automatically. Such an approach can save time and gives a clear understanding of business-processes effectiveness.

  • Understanding of the value of each working process

CrocoTime data helps to calculate how much time and employees are needed to fulfill a certain task. Thanks to this data calculating of financial expenses on each working process became real.


According to our corporate quality standards, online reporting is very convenient for work performance analysis. Such methodology is suitable for companies which deal with large amounts of information. It is important to notice that CrocoTime team is always very helpful and responded to all our requests for adding of necessary services to the program. Interface of the system is intuitive and clear for each of my colleagues

Irina Semushkina
Deputy Director of Rödl & Partner in Russia


According to estimates of the company management, objectives to reach a whole new level of work activity management set by «Rödl&Partner» will be fulfilled already in 2017: using of the system will be an important advantage of the company in competitive environment.