Jewelry business: progressive solutions

Why is it necessary to improve business processes in jewelry retail network? First of all, automation and optimization of business processes help to reduce expenses and, as a result, to enlarge profits. Especially it is important now when there is a sharp...

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Business process optimization: questions and answers

Why is it necessary to optimize business processes? Business process is a logical, consistent interrelated number of activities which uses resources of a supplier, creates a value and gives a result to a customer. The main factors which incite managers to concentrate...

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Business process optimization: from what to start?

One of the most popular answers to the question “From what to start business process optimization?” is that you should start from the most important processes. But what processes are the most important? It seems that basic ones as they make a...

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What should a business process be?

Various methods of business process optimization have a lot of differences in the way of their implementation. However, all of them have similar characteristics which have been defined according to existing experience in business process management. These characteristics stipulate a number of...

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Practical approaches to business process optimization

Approaches to business process improvement In modern process management there are two concept approaches to business process improvement: Gradual (step by step) approach of business process improvement within the frames of existing organizational structure of management, which requires significant investments or doesn’t...

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Business process engineering

The purpose of business process engineering Today we will discuss the topic of business process engineering. First of all, it is necessary to mention the main objectives of business process engineering methodology. What tasks is it supposed to fulfill? The general aim...

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Organization of project activities

First, we will explain what we mean by project activities and what the differences are between them and the system of making and implementing of offers. By project we mean implementing of certain work which needs preparation, analysis, developing of options and...

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