Budget and reducing of expenses: how to find a right way?

Budget: from theory to practice Understanding of the budgeting system of expenses on personnel, unfortunately, is very often still at the level of distribution of salary funds for most companies. What is budgeting of expenses on personnel? In general, it is specification...

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Working with customer complaints

Very often it is technical support service or call centers which have to deal with disappointed customers. If promises are not fulfilled and service is not provided in a proper way, then customers have the full right to complain. In this way,...

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Continual quality improvement

The process of continual improvement The strategic objective of an enterprise is continual business process optimization and improvement with the aim to improve activities of an organization in order to provide profitability of it. The process of improving repeats for remaining problems...

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Process approach to the optimization of quality management system

Implementation of process approach changes the existing approach to management based on hierarchic organizational structure significantly. And all improvements provided in an organization are fulfilled by means of optimization of business processes.   Process approach means: Detecting and identification of existing processes;...

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Process of production and main principles of its organization

The notion of production process Contemporary production is a complicated process of the transformation of raw materials, or semi-processed materials into ready products satisfying the demands of society. The complex of all activities and instruments of labor provided in production for making...

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Express method of business process optimization

How to use the method Nowadays express method of business process optimization is widely used by lots of enterprises of large and small business. Let us consider the basic stages which an enterprise should go through during the usage of express method....

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7 features of a good chief

Most people think that there are only bad chiefs in our life. However, good ones also exist. They create the best products, arrange the best services, control the work of the personnel, keep business processes optimized and companies they manage develop faster...

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