Meet Proceset interactive website!

Last week we started to present you new products. And now we are glad to inform you about launching of the website of our new product – On the website you can see real business process maps, which are used by...

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Infomaximum team gets ready to present brand new developments!

The last few months we’ve been working hard designing, developing and turning into reality ideas which are going to change approaches to business process optimization completely. Already now, after a series of pilot launches we’ve got a list of requests for implementation...

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General economic expenses: calculation, distribution, optimization

This article describes basic activities needed for the management of general economic expenses. General economic expenses are necessary in order to provide effective management activities of the company. Organizations need them in order to exist. So, reasonable management of general economic expenses...

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Crowdsourcing is the process of transferring of production responsibilities to people interested in it. In other words, it is such a way to optimize business processes of your company by means of mobilization of human resources for fulfilling of objectives which occur...

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Closeup of four business colleagues discussing diagrams on tablet and papers. They are standing at table. Overhead view.

KPI for sales managers: how to implement it effectively

Only 5% of employees perform perfectly well, the same percentage work badly and the rest of your team need certain rules of the game. One of these rules is KPI system. Market experts claim that implementation of KPI system at the enterprise...

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Business portals

More and more chief managers of banks come to the conclusion that they need a business portal built on the base of modern information technologies and the process approach. Complexity, scales and volumes of objectives of banking business are enlarging all the...

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