While the clock is stricking midnight...

Hardly had we looked back when the year of 2016 came to an end. At the end of the year everyone traditionally reviews the results of it. We decided not to break the tradition. We gathered the company’s management together and analyzed...

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SLUSH. There and Back Again

The blare of the trumpets died down: the biggest conference of Europe has finished. International conference SLUSH was held in the northern city of Helsinki from Nov, 30 to Dec, 1. Exhibition center “Messukeskus” gathered 15,620 participants presenting 1,686 startups from different...

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Labor effectiveness improvement

This article describes ways of labor effectiveness improvement and reviews several important rules using which you can enlarge your performance productivity. Labor effectiveness improvement and working time using is a very important question today not only for employers but also for freelancers...

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Very busy business

Secrets of business processes optimization

The key of cost saving and effectiveness improvement of banking business lays in optimization of banking business processes. These processes are different: front office customer service processes, back office transaction processing processes, etc. The main method of banking business processes optimization is...

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Indexes of personnel performance effectiveness evaluation

The aim of any entrepreneurship is to get profits. The more effective personnel work, the better results you get. Employees’ attitude and quality result of each employee depend on a set of values and aims of each employee at work. In order...

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Labor productivity development

Development of labor productivity is one of current problems of modern business. According to various researches, labor productivity is one of key sources of business profitability. What are the tools for productivity development? Ways of labor productivity development can be divided into...

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Four easy techniques for business processes optimization

Technique 1. Taking of Ideal Final Result out of the frames of the process While optimizing any business processes it is necessary to have a distinct description of Ideal Final Result. This is the first step of the algorithm of Inventive Problem...

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How to avoid mistakes when choosing a time tracker

When it is advisable to use a simplified time tracker? First of all, you can use a simplified time tracker when you trust your employees to the full extent. And time tracker monitoring is installed just in case. Then, if you see...

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How to provide personnel management effectively

Most chief executives of companies struggle with the problem of effective personnel management. How to provide personnel management in a way the work gave satisfactory results and interests of employees were taken into consideration? Human resource management is one of the most...

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Diversity Business People Leadership Management Meeting Discussion Concept
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