More outcome from employees for reduced cost

Fully automatic monitoring of computer usage exposes where work time goes.

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  • Eliminate wasted time

    Eliminate wasted time

    Highlight where employees spend their time with no relevance to job.

  • Boost employee productivity

    Boost employee productivity

    Know activities which demand a lot of time for a poor outcome.

  • Count working hours

    Count working hours

    Capture time and attendance data for accurate payroll.

  • Accurate picture of work day

    Accurate picture of work day

    What kind of work employees do on computers, during meetings, and calls.

  • Spot ineffective activities

    Spot ineffective activities

    Log results of daily activities and analyze efficiency of time spent.

  • Measure productivity of departments

    Measure productivity of departments

    Provide your managers with a tool to tune the way of performing a job.

  • Gain insight with a quick look

    Gain insight with a quick look

    Visualization of key indicators provides a clear picture of where time goes.

  • How to configure peer-to-peer network to use CrocoTime.

    Configuration of peer-to-peer network

    CrocoTime is designed to operate in hierarchical networks. However, the program works in peer-to-peer local area networks as well. This detailed guide will lead you through peer-to-peer network configuration process.

  • Time tracking and employee monitoring software to stop procrastination.

    Time tracking software to stop procrastination

    What to do if a time tracking and employee monitoring software was deployed in a company, but some employees still often get distracted, even if they have assignments? Procrastination may be the reason of such behavior.

  • Use time tracking to fight distractions at work.

    Time tracking helps to fight dangerous distractions

    Recent studies at the University of California showed that frequent distractions for a couple of minutes steal up to half an hour of work time of an employee, reduce productivity and negatively affect health.