More outcome from employees for reduced cost

Fully automatic monitoring of computer usage exposes where work time goes.

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  • Eliminate wasted time

    Eliminate wasted time

    Highlight where employees spend their time with no relevance to job.

  • Boost employee productivity

    Boost employee productivity

    Know activities which demand a lot of time for a poor outcome.

  • Count working hours

    Count working hours

    Capture time and attendance data for accurate payroll.

  • Accurate picture of work day

    Accurate picture of work day

    What kind of work employees do on computers, during meetings, and calls.

  • Spot ineffective activities

    Spot ineffective activities

    Log results of daily activities and analyze efficiency of time spent.

  • Measure productivity of departments

    Measure productivity of departments

    Provide your managers with a tool to tune the way of performing a job.

  • Gain insight with a quick look

    Gain insight with a quick look

    Visualization of key indicators provides a clear picture of where time goes.

  • Use CrocoTime for time tracking and productivity improvement.

    Time tracking: what do you need to monitor

    A computer is the basis of the modern office. Many employees work at computers most of their working time. But what exactly do employees do? How effective they use working time? The time tracking and employee monitoring software CrocoTime will give you the answer.

  • Do not flush your money down the drain: CrocoTime helps to make your employees more efficient.

    Time and attendance: 20% of salary budget is flushed down the drain

    According to a research of HeadHunter agency employees spend about 20% of working time on personal matters. It means that a fifth of the salary budget of companies is wasted. Installing time and attendance and employee monitoring software will help to reduce the use of entertainment websites and applications during working day.