Improve efficiency of your employees with CrocoTime

Automatic worktime monitoring, meetings and phone calls tracking

How CrocoTime works

  • CrocoTime installation
  • Automatic employee performance monitoring
  • Company business-processes analysis
  • Detecting and elimination of ineffective processes
  • Profit markup

CrocoTime features

  • Employee performance monitoring

    Detecting of unbalanced workload of personnel and possibility to control remote employees

  • Time tracking using different sources

    A broad picture of a workday by means of integration with IPtelephony, calendars, POS terminals/turnstiles

  • Automatic time-sheets

    Recording of violations of work regulations and their following comparison with personnel department reports

  • Business-processes analytics

    Detecting of most effective processes and reducing of time wasted on unnecessary activities, including excess amount of business meetings

Simple. Evident. Clear

  • Literal picture of each workday of employees

    CrocoTime helps to improve efficiency of employees and optimize business-processes. Thanks to intuitive interface, analysis of the full picture of a workday takes only a couple of minutes.

Advantages of the program

  • Free trial period
  • Possibility of integration
  • Consulting services and analytics
  • Support and updating of the system
  • Flexible setting of the system for a particular company
  • Cloud-hosted and local versions of the system

Our customers

and more than 500 customers throughout Russia and abroad

Customer reviews

One of the most important competitive advantages that using CrocoTime time tracker software give us is more detailed reporting on the work for our customers, which similar systems often do not provide. Another advantage of time tracking is the possibility to see online a real-time picture of the day. It can be rather hard to remember when and what you’ve done as an afterthought, and CrocoTime calculates it all

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Irina Semushkina
Irina Semushkina
Deputy Director of Rödl & Partner in Russia

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