Ассurate picture of work day

CrocoTime helps to improve employees' work efficiency and optimize business processes in a company. Thanks to the intuitive and easy-to-use interface, it'll take just a couple of minutes to analyze a detailed picture of a work day.

All the data of employees' activities is collected automatically.

  • Time worked with specific applications
  • Time worked/break time ratio
  • Productive time and distractions

Remote workforce management

CrocoTime gives you confidence that remote employees actually work according to your requiments.

  • See actual clock-in/out times
  • Evaluate workloads and efficiency of departments
  • Compare departments by efficiency

Time tracking features

Thanks to the time tracking function you can easily see what tasks employees worked on and for how long.

Employee forgot to track time?

It will be easy to remember their work during a day with the help of the data automatically collected by CrocoTime.

  • Easy to prove entered data
  • Track time from your taskbar
  • Analyze time spent on tasks and projects

Track time from different sources

  • automatic monitoring of computer usage
  • start/stop button to track activities
  • turngate and POS terminal data collection
  • integration with IP telephony to track calls
  • integration with business calendars to record meetings time