1. Time worked

CrocoTime shows an exact amount of time worked by employees at the computer and without it.

The system duplicates company structure in details

One-click opening of departments by employees. We calculate total working time of employees and departments and divide it into effective time and time spent on distractions.

You will see all sites and programs used by employees

Click on activity bar opens specification by employees or departments. This lets to provide a quick analysis of correctness of employees’ time spending.

CrocoTime shows load distribution through time

Activity diagram shows time of minimal and maximum workload of employees. Day statistics within a week’s or a month’s time and hour statistics within a day’s time are available.

2. Day structure

Digital photo of a working day gives detailed information on what an employee did and when, and what tools were used. It is very convenient for monitoring of remote employees’ work.

Employee’s day structure

Start and end of working time, time of employee’s activities and breaks are displayed clearly. Specification of each certain period of time is available.

Indicator of processes shows which task has been worked at in a certain moment of time

Meetings and conferences from corporate calendars can be also displayed. In case of integration with IP telephony systems phone calls can be also displayed.

All basic performance figures of a day are easy to access

Top of used programs and sites, performing tasks, amount of time worked and a number of accomplished tasks on each day are available.

3. Processes analysis

Report on programs used and sites visited is a convenient tool for business-processes analysis of a company.

Possibility of specification of work reports of your company:

4. Time tracking

Time tracking function of CrocoTime helps to calculate time needed for a project or definite tasks within the frames of a project and to estimate contribution of each employee.

CrocoTime can filter projects:

5. Time sheets

CrocoTime forms working time sheets automatically. Data on working timetable, days off, vacations and medical leaves can be scheduled manually or by means of integration with human recourses systems.

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