Initial authorization to CrocoTime Web API

To start using CrocoTime Web API you will need to login to the system: use login and password to get a session ID. We recommend you to create a separate user with administrative privileges to eliminate any possible problems with access rights. The returned user's session ID is used for all requests to CrocoTime Web API.

Example of a request:

Logon to the system responds with user’s session. To use API logon must be performed with CrocoTime system administrator’s credentials. The returned user’s session is later used in all API requests of CrocoTime. Request:


passwordMD5-hash of the password.


"session": "44de3a99578d6aede5f7706049f61e13e35f5f4e8f674761ba0a3f570631de57"

sessionUser’s session. User’s session is used in all API requests of CrocoTime.

Now you will be able to access main CrocoTime Web API controllers.