This sections includes main settings of time tracking and attendance software CrocoTime.

Configuration tab

Work model

This tab allows to set unified settings for all employees. If the Unified settings switch is turned on, the fields to set lim­its appear and the left vertical menu item Positions disappears. This way a unified setting of position is applied to all employees and the same limits and application productivity groups are set for all employees.

Work model unified settings disabled

If the Unified settings switch is turned off, configuration for every po­sition is set in the Settings → Positions tab.

Work model unified settings enabled


This tab allows to set uniform schedules for all employees. If the Unified settings switch is turned on, the fields to set work schedule appear and the left vertical menu item Schedules disappears. This way a unified schedule configured in this windows is applied to all employees.

Schedules window

If the Unified settings switch is turned off, configuration for every position is set in the Settings → Schedules tab where unlimited number of schedules can be created and assigned to employees.

Scheduled time

If the Track scheduled time separately switch is turned on it allows to use the Work time / Scheduled hours / Non-scheduled hours switch on Reports → Work time tab (see item 6.1 for details). It also allows to see all statistics col­lected during break and non-scheduled time (if this switch is turned off non-core and non-computer time statistics collected during break and non-scheduled time is not displayed in reports).

Non-core time

The Non-core time switch disables Non-core type of productive time. When it is dis­abled all previously non-core activities are considered productive.

Email server

The Email server tab allows to configure email notifications and to restore a user’s password via email.

Email server settings

Indicate the address of SMTP-server in the Address field and sender’s email in the Email field (to send notifications from this account). Indicate login of email server administrator as: user_name@server and pass­word. If you use Microsoft Ex­change it is required to indicate login and password of domain user with administrative privi­leges.


The Updates item allows to see version of the system, set automatic update parame­ters, set update source ( is set by default), or disable automatic update (the Automatic update switch).

Updates configuration

Proxy server is supported. If the Use proxy switch is turned on the following fields appear: Protocol* menu, Address* and Port* fields for the proxy, and login with password for proxy authorization (if required).


The Settings → Database item allows to change settings of CrocoTime database. The system uses SQLite database by default.

Database settings

The database can be trans­ferred to PostgreSQL when neces­sary. To do this select proper data­base type with Database type* switch and indicate address, port, and login details of DB administrator in the corresponding fields.

ATTENTION! Reverse transfer from PostgreSQL to SQLite is not possible. If PostgreSQL server is not available or there are any mis­takes in address, login, etc. transfer does not happen.


The Encryption item includes settings of data transfer protocol and port to access the server (port 8085 is used by default).

Encryption window

If Protocol → https is selected, SSL encryption will be applied. It requires security certificate and key generated elsewhere. The Upload buttons for certifi­cate (PEM) and key (PEM) will appear. After uploading the required files click Save to apply changes.


The Localization item allows to set system lan­guage, date format, first day of the week, and em­ployee's name format.

Localization window


The License item allows to see the information about currently installed license, number of purchased and number of currently used licenses, expiration date, and next subscription date. It also includes the text field for pasting new license key.

License information window

Extended precision

It allows to enable and disable usage of Microsoft Active Accessibility. This option is necessary in some cases related to performance of certain web browsers. When extended precision mode is disabled, display errors may appear while viewing headers of browser opened pages in Reports → Applications tab.


Enables or disables time tracking globally. If this function is disabled all user inter­face elements related to time tracking will be hidden.


The Screenshots tab enables the possibility of saving screenshots. Maximum size of screenshots folder is set in the Max disc space (MB) field. If this limit is reached the ear­liest screenshots will be removed.

Screenshots settings

Screenshots are saved to:
C:\ProgramData\CrocoTime Server\activity\data\screenshot
(for MS Windows newer than Windows 7.)

For previous versions the full path to screenshots is:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\CrocoTime Server\activity\data\screenshot