Get started with CrocoTime Web API

To start using CrocoTime Web API, you need to create an access token on the "Configuration" tab, in the section "Tokens". Further it is necessary to add this token as server_token parameter value in all requests.

Interaction with the time tracking software is performed by HTTP-requests to a Crocotime server. Any request should have the following structure:

    "server_token": "...",
    "app_version": "...",
    "controller": "...",
    "query": {...}

Header Content-Type in requests must be set to "application/json; charset=utf-8".

Description of query parameters:

Token by which the server determines that it is possible to give data to the requesting side
app_versionVersion of CrocoTime server. It is part of backward compatibility mechanism versions. The format of requests and responses corresponds to that which was in the version of the server which is specified in parameter. If parameter isn't set, then the format of requests/responses will be the oldest.
controllerThe name of the controller to which the request is sent. This option must be specified in all requests;
queryParameters of the request to the controller


POST / HTTP/1.1:

   "server_token": "2416a592bf8b88e8689631c763dcfd164f6e142e9b02cb",
   "app_version": "5.3.0",
   "controller": "api_employees"