Personnel management system: how to build an ideal scheme

Very often methods of personnel management in organizations are spontaneous, working with employees doesn’t comply with unified principles and has an inappropriate structure. Criteria of results are not clear and responsibility for them is indistinct. Finally, chief manager decides to optimize business...

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Warehouse optimization

There are always certain weak points in activities of almost all companies. And very often productiveness of logistic systems of many enterprises suffers from such weak points. Usually such weak points are warehouses, their external as well as internal infrastructures. This article...

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Outsourcing call centers: how to choose an outsourcing company

Outsourcing call centers are getting more and more popular nowadays. Many enterprises cooperate with outsourcing companies in order to provide communication with customers in appropriate way. Such way of optimization of business processes of a company has many positive results; however, it...

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Organizational structure: step-by-step optimization

This article describes algorithms of optimization of organizational structure of companies. In order to understand what organizational structure you need, it is necessary to answer the following questions: What is the direction of company development? What aims are planned to reach in...

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Business hand write Organization Chart in Technology Virtual Screen for Business Building Concept

Company restructuring: basic methods and their risks

By company restructuring various things can be meant: from optimization of business processes and organizational structure to non-core assets administration. This article clarifies objectives and methods of restructuring and describes widespread mistakes of managers. When company restructuring is needed The main objective...

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Implementation of new technologies in production

Modernization of production and optimization of business processes of this sphere is a topical issue for many enterprises nowadays. However, there are many mistakes which can be made by chief managers of big companies, especially in conditions of crisis. This article describes...

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Siemens erforscht komplett neue Konzepte für Röntgenröhren. Sie sollen die erreichbare Bildauflösung dramatisch erhöhen und Phasenkontrast-Röntgen ermöglichen – ein ganz neues Verfahren, mit dem zum Beispiel Tumore deutlich besser erkannt werden können. Untersuchungen von Herz-Kreislauf-Erkrankungen kommen dann mit weniger oder sogar ganz ohne die Kontrastmittel aus, auf die etwa jeder zehnte Patient allergisch reagiert. In dem mehrjährigen Forschungs- und Entwicklungsprojekt, das bis 2017 läuft, arbeiten Experten von Siemens Healthcare und der globalen Forschung Corporate Technology mit externen Partnern zusammen.

Siemens is investigating entirely new concepts for X-ray systems. The aim is to achieve a radical increase in imaging resolution and to enable phase-contrast X-ray imaging. This entirely new technique helps, for instance, in the identification of tumors. Moreover, examinations involving cardiovascular diseases can be carried out without contrast agents. Nearly one out of ten patients suffer from allergic reactions to these substances. A multi-year R&D project, which is scheduled to run until 2017, brings together experts from Siemens Healthcare, Corporate Technology and includes external partners.
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