Cost saving in logistics

Most companies try to optimize those parts of logistics which are under the authority of partners (the process of shipping, activities of warehouses, transportation). And usually companies start cost saving in logistics from transportation, starting negotiations with transportation companies about lowering of...

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IT outsourcing as a tool to overcome a crisis

The impact of the crisis on companies The market of IT services becomes wider and companies now are more conscious about the quality of services. Big companies usually require optimization of business processes in the system of IT outsourcing. Some businesses used...

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Automation of business processes of online shops

If a company is constantly developing then the process of automation is endless. A company creates new directions of business, and, as a result, new objectives. How to choose a program for automation? In order to choose an appropriate application or software...

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June 27, 2006 - Chicago, IL  - During a class on bail June 27, 2006, a law student browses a retail site for shoes. At DePaul University, a mild controversy has erupted over students using WiFi access in classrooms to access web sites outside of what's necessary for their class work.  (Chicago Tribune Photo by Terrence Antonio James) 00263922A ANTI-LAPTOP ..OUTSIDE TRIBUNE CO.- NO MAGS,  NO SALES, NO INTERNET, NO TV..  (College Students, Behavior, Web, Online, Wireless Fidelity, Wi-FI, Education, Studying, Classroom)

Stock management: what you should know about that

Stock management supposes optimization of business processes connected with management of manufacturing supplies inventory, raw materials, unfinished goods and other objects of enterprise activities, lowering of expenses on storage when providing the level of continuous operation and company maintenance. Stock management in...

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Sales system: step-by-step building and optimization

How to optimize business processes in sales Define the potential of the region. The potential is the number of potential customers who consume this type of services regularly. Define target-oriented share of the market. If the market is full of competitors, there...

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Payroll accounting: outsourcing and audit

Get a result Payroll service outsourcing and its advantages are well known to businessmen. Time, economy and crisis only highlight the key points of this tool for optimization of business processes of a company. Payroll service outsourcing is transferring of a certain...

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Payroll accounting: outsourcing and audit

Cost management optimization: rules of working with expenses

Cost management optimization First, you should divide all expenses on necessary and unnecessary. Examples of necessary expenses are monthly payments for electricity, fuel, employee payments, and those expenses that are explained by employees. Unnecessary expenses can be investments or status benefits. One...

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