Automation of business processes of online shops

If a company is constantly developing then the process of automation is endless. A company creates new directions of business, and, as a result, new objectives.

How to choose a program for automation?

In order to choose an appropriate application or software for business process optimization in online shop, try to answer the following questions concerning programs you are going to use:

  1. Is it possible to improve a program in order to make it more convenient? If the program which is going to be implemented during the optimization of your business processes is possible to be developed and improved, then it is a big advantage of it. Flexibility of software allows you to set your own parameters of work in order to make it more convenient for you.
  2. Is it possible to leave business processes unchanged? Very often many companies don’t optimize their business processes by means of automation, but they create new ones. Such kind of reorganization has a not very good impact on business. It means that you create everything once again, from the very beginning. You don’t have to do this, keep it in mind.

Business automation

Stages of automation in a retail shop:

  1. Cash management. The first stage of automation should be optimization of business processes in cash management. This will release you from problems concerning the lack of information on cooperation with customers and suppliers; everything will be in the program.
  2. Movement of goods and services. As soon as cash management is automated, it’s time to automate the process of goods and services management. Start from the most important segment. It is online sales. It is necessary to automate order management. It is very convenient for managers to have an integration of the program with the website of the shop in order to update information on orders, assortment of products or services or other information.
  3. Optimization of secondary processes. The work of marketing and accounting departments also should be optimized in order to avoid delays and other difficulties in these spheres.
  4. Cooperation with customers. In order to improve the level of service, you can create a new business process which allows to get feedbacks of customers and to process their comments to orders.
  5. The work of couriers. In order to simplify the process of delivery, it is possible to develop a mobile application for couriers. This will help couriers to get tasks on deliveries and all necessary information on orders.

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