Organizational structure: step-by-step optimization

This article describes algorithms of optimization of organizational structure of companies.

In order to understand what organizational structure you need, it is necessary to answer the following questions:

  • What is the direction of company development?
  • What aims are planned to reach in this direction in 2-3 years?
  • What services, products or solutions will be offered to customers in the nearest years?
  • What competitive advantages are provided by a company?
  • What methods and techniques should be used in order to get profits of your company?

Answers to these questions will help you to understand the strategy of your company.

Only after that you will be able to start business process optimization of organizational structure of your company. Strategic objective of most companies is to enlarge amount of business and to occupy a significant share of the market. Also, it is important to make company work more effective and easier to manage.

Analysis of existing organizational structure

In order to understand possible advantages and disadvantages of organizational structure, it should be described as a scheme. Then, a complex of necessary activities should be done.

The first step. Analyze the amount of employees in departments according to the development of a company and compare this information with results of work.

The second step. Provide the analysis of responsibilities and roles of participants of business processes and department and employee productiveness within the frames of previous projects.

The third step. It is necessary to provide the analysis of organizational structures of leading companies of your sector, basing on information from available resources.

Defining of a desirable organizational structure

In order to choose an optimal organizational structure, you should keep the following instructions:

The fourth step. Taking into consideration your strategic aims and objectives, you should define a list of necessary departments and the amount of employees. Further, you will compare this information with actual information about organizational structure of your company.

The fifth step. Create a new structure of a company. Financial department should calculate necessary expenses on implementation of changes and to evaluate possible profitability thanks to such changes. It is also very important to make a list of possible risks which accompany implementation of business process optimization or which can occur after it. A complex of activities against possible risks should be developed. Such a complex of activities should allow a company to minimize negative consequences as much as it will be possible.

The sixth step. Develop and approve organizational and management documentation. It is necessary to correct existing documentation in order not to have any difficulties with it in the future.

How to use the process approach

Before optimization of business processes, you should define basic and secondary business processes and provide each process with an employee responsible for it.

Define areas of responsibilities. In order to provide optimization of business processes, it is necessary to define weak point of procedures and to from groups responsible for each area of work.

Optimization of business processes requires a distinct understanding of organizational structure and problems existing in it. Also, it is very important to motivate employees for optimization of business processes. Otherwise, all changes won’t give a positive effect.

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