Implementation of new technologies in production

Modernization of production and optimization of business processes of this sphere is a topical issue for many enterprises nowadays. However, there are many mistakes which can be made by chief managers of big companies, especially in conditions of crisis. This article describes 11 basic principles of implementation of new technologies in production.

  1. Be patient. According to statistics, only one out of three production modernization gives a positive effect to a company. Optimization of business processes and improvement of certain procedures in business should be provided regularly. Only in this case a company has an opportunity to keep leading positions on the market.
  2. Be ready for the worst. Before buying of new equipment for production, imagine that you have spent all your money but the equipment didn’t arrive. If such a scenario won’t disrupt the work of your company, you can make an order for this equipment.
  3. Study technological process to the full extent. Optimization of business processes will be successful and production will be really effective only in case you know every single procedure provided in your company and set reasonable goals for your business. Otherwise, you will have to search for other competitive advantages.
  4. Dismantle old equipment. Otherwise, the work with new equipment won’t get started. Decisiveness of the chief manager and stress which employees can get in case of production stoppage will motivate them to obtain new equipment.
  5. Try to avoid “armament race”. Buying new equipment, you unknowingly provoke competitors to provide business process optimizations and modernization of production. You don’t need to waste your funds and time for such “armament race”. Just try to use your new equipment as effectively as it is possible. That’s why, together with modernization, specialists advise providing of optimization of business processes in production.
  6. Try not to attract attention of inspection authorities. Very often modernization of production attracts the attention of them.
  7. Don’t cherish illusions about the modernity of equipment. Buying new equipment, you should understand that from the time when it was developed and till the time of its mass production there is about ten years.
  8. Plan potential expenditures. Modernization of production is always followed by some unexpected expenses. For example, if you buy equipment from abroad, it is necessary to be improved according to national standards of production. Besides, you will have to buy some extra equipment to maintain and serve new production equipment. Also, you can’t avoid expenses on personnel training.
  9. Teach your employees to think about the most effective ways of work. Implementation of new technologies in production is a continual process.
  10. Change salary system. Payments should be volume-based or to comprise a percent from the work of a company.
  11. Don’t even think about optimization of expenses on personnel! Each invention of an employee implemented in production should be rewarded maximally.

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