Alternatively oriented optimization of business processes. Internal character of improvements

There are 4 criteria of changes:
1. Information (structure)
2. Process (flow)
3. Activities and orders
4. Policy
These criteria of changes provide opportunities for changes. There are some extra axes of changes. They are in other supporting systems such as organizing, cooperation. All these components of the concept form a variety of aspects which can be defined as changeable.
Alternative-based analysis of business admits changeable character of business ecosystems and is aimed at business process optimization by means of:
-correct planning;
Alternatively oriented business process optimization helps to manage, modify the complexity in unpredictable, complex conditions to cause changes necessary for adaptation and optimization not allowing spending limited reserves and ignoring the critical threats and difficulties.
Internal character of business process optimization
If you’ve been working in a certain professional sphere for some time, then such notion as business process optimization won’t be a new experience for you. The importance of this process is determined by the ambition to correspond the value proposition existing around your business.
By means of modeling, managing, measuring, automation and re-engineering, business process optimization allows enterprises to reach the desired state of business processes through the process of continual improvement of business.
However, when a result has a local meaning, optimization of certain processes does not allow implementing the full potential of the general optimization of productivity. In other words, the changing of processes usually don’t lead to changes in business, however, it will help to reach the same results with fewer expenses and the higher quality level.
By means of business process optimization, you are able to improve local business processes, but you won’t be able to optimize the productivity of the whole business only by implementation of business process optimization. Efficiency of modern companies depends not only on internal processes, but also on marketing, suppliers, partners and clients which should be taken in consideration when optimizing business processes of a company.
Experienced managers and chiefs of enterprises try to use approaches of continual improvement of business processes. Most companies implement optimization of production business processes. Usually it is based on the process of automation of some procedures of production. However, the practice of optimization of external business processes exists and many enterprises use it.

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