CrocoTime - the high-quality time tracker

High-quality time tracker

The experience of the CrocoTime team allowed to simplify the process of installing and configuring the CrocoTime time tracker. The installation of monitoring agents is available either manually or using Group Policy.

The time tracker CrocoTime supports terminal servers and Active Directory. If the company’s offices are geographically distributed, time differences will not be a problem, too.

Unlike its competition, the time tracker has enough performance to be implemented in large enterprises: its server is able to track time for up to 10,000 employees. Monitoring agents do not slow down employees’ computers and do not interfere with their work.

Features the CrocoTime time tracker:

  1. Remote installation of time tracker agents
    Would you want to manually install time tracker agents on hundreds of computers? CrocoTime solves this problem by using standard deployment mechanisms provided by Group Policy.
  2. Time tracking for up to 10,000 employees per single server
    Your organization is large and other time trackers fail? With CrocoTime the problem of insufficient performance shall not bother you. Mathematicians and programmers of CrocoTime have worked for more than five years to create the time tracker that has become the fastest among its competitors. As a result, the speed is not just adequate but slightly redundant.
  3. Support of terminal servers
    Terminal Server is installed? The CrocoTime time tracker works with Terminal servers just fine. Our programmers have invested much effort and energy to ensure high stability and unparalleled performance. The CrocoTime time tracker also supports different time zones and Active Directory integration.
  4. Disable the time tracker for selected users
    Your manager does not want his statistics collected? Just add top-management to the exceptions list of the time tracker.

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