Effective organization of human resource management

Effective organization of human resource management

Human resources are one of the most important elements of any company. Profitability of a company directly depends on the effectiveness of work of employees.

What are human recourses?

Human recourses and personnel of a company are identical notions. It is one of the most important sources of a company. It includes all employees of a company and their characteristics useful for productive work. There are different schemes of human recourses management which depend on particular requirements of a company.

Modern concept of human recourses management

Some managers still consider human recourse management as an item of constant expenses. But nowadays personnel of a company are considered as one of the most important sources and meaningful elements of the system, which is necessary for its appropriate functioning.

There are following aspects included into the general concept of human recourses management:

  1. Corporate culture. There is a certain number of commitments and models of behavior, which allow employees cooperating effectively with each other. Using of a time tracker can help to form corporate culture, because monitoring of work makes people understand that they are units of one system and their cooperation with each other provides the level of effectiveness and profitability of a company. That is why corporate culture is one of main sources of a company.
  2. Existence of a general strategy of personnel development. This aspect is also very important, because usually it is important for employees to know their prospects in a company. Employees should know what results they should achieve and what time tracker indexes of effectiveness they should have to advance in career. And a company itself should have the plan of future actions. Otherwise, employees enter the condition of uncertainty. This can lead to personnel turnover.
  3. Correct system of human recourses management. Not a company chief but line managers usually have the main impact on employees. Cooperation with personnel, their motivation and training are the scope of duties of a manager. The main aim of a manager is to make the work of employees more effective. Usually managers should control the work of managers using different approaches and tools, such as, for example, time trackers. That is why it is so important to build a distinct system of delegating of rights, duties and possibilities to make decisions independently “top down”. If management understands and supports this scheme of influencing on personnel, a company will be developing fast.
  4. Existence of “levers of influence”, certain tools of influencing on personnel. Legal documents, bonuses and other things can be such levers of influence.

Time tracker reports show the level of effectiveness of an employee. According to data from a time tracker, a manager can see who works more effectively and set a bonus for that. So, that means that such solution like time trackers can be tools of influencing.

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