FAQ: Statistics

How is the statistics collected?

The application has client-server architecture and consists of the application to collect statistics - CrocoTime Server and the application to send statistics from users’ computers to the server - CrocoTime Agent. Agents send statistics to the server every 5 minutes. Agents work with active windows and register keyboard and mouse clicks (mouse movements are not counted as activity). If no activity is collected in 5 minutes the system considers the employee is away from the computer.

What to do if the statistics from tabs of browsers is not collected?

Please update your browser to the most recent version. If this would not fix the problem there could be an issue with agent update system. Please check if agents’ version corresponds to the server’s version.

Whether there will be a loss of statistics if the server is not available for some time?

There will be no data loss, the statistics is saved by agent locally until a connection to the server is restored.

What to do if the statistics for an employee/employees disappeared?

The time filter could be set to a wrong time range when no statistics were collected. If the time filter is set to the correct period of time the statistics could disappear either because an employee’s profile was removed, or Set Monitoring switch for an employee’s profile (User Accounts tab) was switched off. In such cases the statistics for the employee (employees) is lost. You could try to restore the removed data from a backup which is performed automatically every 6 hours.

Can I set a time when statistics is sent from agents to the server?

This feature is not currently supported by the system.

Does the system collect statistics of Team Viewer, R-Admin, and virtual machines?

When working with Team Viewer and similar kinds of software when the connection is performed to a computer where a monitoring agent is installed the statistics would be collected normally. If the connection is performed from a computer where Team Viewer is installed the system would collect statistics of Team Viewer usage. In case of virtual machines statistics of its usage is collected when a monitoring agent is installed under the virtual machine.

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