FAQ: About the system

How to add employees to the system?

The system will automatically add employees as soon as their statistics has been received from monitoring agents. You can also add employees manually.

What to do if the system does not allow to add employees?

Please check your license key. If the maximum number of employees (shown in Settings -> Configuration -> License) has been reached you need to purchase additional licenses or remove some previously added employees to add new ones. To remove previously added employees proceed to Settings -> Employees, choose an employee’s profile and click “Delete” button. Please be informed that once an employee’s profile is removed all the collected data for this profile is removed also.

What kind of database is used by CrocoTime?

SQLite is used by default and transition to PostgreSQL is supported. Currently other types of databases are not supported.

How backup is performed?

CrocoTime performs backup of the database every 6 hours. The backup file is located in the directory where the database is located: C:\programdata\crocotime server\databases, the name of the fileis crocotime.backup.db3. To restore the backup it is necessary to stop CrocoTime Server service and proceed to the database folder then rename crocotime.db3 file to _crocotime.db3, and rename crocotime.backup.db3 to crocotime.db3 then start the CrocoTime Server service. Via web interface make sure that the restored backup is correct then the _crocotime.db3 file can be removed. The new backup will be created automatically after 6 hours.

What is non-computer time and how it is calculated? 

Starting from the last activity (keyboard or mouse button press) the system counts statistics of active window for 4 minutes 59 seconds. If no activity was detected after this time the system counts this period (including the mentioned 4 min 59 sec) as non-computer time. If an employee’s activity was detected during the 4 min 59 sec interval, the inactivity timer would be reset.

How to restore the password?

To restore the password you need to have a configured post server (Settings -> Configuration). Proceed to login menu and click “Forgot your password?”, then type in the email address used for creating your CrocoTime account. In case if your post server was not configured please contact our Technical Support.

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