Marketing work optimization: analysis and testing

Optimization that means improvement of marketing work by means of analysis and testing is not a single action. This is a complex of continual improvements, where you should analyze, assess, chose the most optimal solutions and repeat all these actions once again.

At each new level of its development a company should improve its performance. Why is it so? Because each company always has at least one process to be optimized.

The word “process” can seem to be quite boring. However, starting from the very beginning, it is processes which help to do everything right. By means of processes it is much easier to develop an appropriate approach which will help to implement the practice of optimal methods of work.

When it comes to our small and good-looking numbers, you can easily detect what methods are the most effective. The most important thing here is to implement these methods in practice.


It is clear that you should start from the data. You know that the data you need may be in different places. And when you try to gather all the data in one place, it can seem impossible or leads to many mistakes and takes a lot of time. Nowadays you can escape from such difficulties thanks to specialized software. It saves time and human resources and allows devoting more time to data analysis.

Data analysis is also a very important step as it is the basis of new ideas directed to marketing business processes optimization. Analysis helps to detect approaches that really work. Studying and rethinking of data based on new questions of team members and specialists have a significant meaning.


The most effective way of creating new approaches of business process optimization in the sphere of marketing is testing which comes after gathering and analysis of data.

Testing of ideas is a very interesting process. Actually, it is an experiment which helps to understand what approaches and methods work better in certain business.

Testing is based on formulating of a new idea and its following checking on the market. Testing shows how good is this new idea and whether it’s worth using, implementing and developing or not.

Practical testing helps to find more details in a process or action in marketing, which in its turn leads to business process optimization and improvement.


Success of implementation of developed ideas depends on previous stages of work. They are directed to make life better and to get information from testing and improvements connected to it.

However, you can provide all needed data gathering and analysis, you can provide a testing, but this doesn’t mean that you will succeed. The thing is that your success depends on those who are responsible for implementation. So, pay more attention to employees engaged to this process and make sure in their qualification.


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