Optimization of processes in a restaurant: how to raise profits to 100%

Sometimes in order to increase sales in a restaurant, it is necessary to provide an inventory of production processes. Here you need an experienced look which is able to notice each detail, the system approach, and, what is the most important, a persistent desire to raise the level of work effectiveness of a restaurant.

The aim of all restaurants is to increase profitability of one certain working day.

How to do that? Especially, this question is very difficult to answer when there are a lot of visitors in a restaurant and it seems that it performs very well.

Increasing of profitability without rising of the average bill

Most people think that in case when a restaurant needs to increase its profits, it should raise prices and the average bill. It’s not quite correct because restaurant business, as well as other kinds of business, is a complex of business processes, which very often need certain improvements. That is why business process optimization is a good practice in case you want to enlarge profitability of a restaurant.

Raising of the turnover of tables

Raising of the turnover of tables means increasing of the service rate of a restaurant. Optimization of business processes connected with the work of waiters and other support staff can be a good idea in order to increase effectiveness of restaurant performance.

First of all, you should concentrate your attention on the work performance of waiters:

  • Increase the number of waiters in order to avoid troubles with order making and service.
  • Change slow waiters to quicker ones.
  • Make one more waiter’s terminal in order to exclude even small delays in arranging orders and getting receipts.
  • Enlarge the servery area in order to avoid crowding and mess at this point.
  • Increase the number of trays and other tools to save time of waiters.
  • Hire food runners to work in a restaurant hall, to help waiters with dirty tables cleaning, ash trays, etc, to concentrate waiters’ attention on a quick orders receiving and delivering.
  • Add one more waiter’s station.
  • Hire one more hostess in order to enlarge the effectiveness of working with tables and not making them stand idle.

Experience has shown that these actions help to raise maximum daily receipts to 20-25%.

Optimization in the bar

When the turnover of tables is getting faster it becomes extremely important not to forget about the bar. Optimization of business processes connected with the work of a bar can also make a restaurant more profitable.

  • Exclude items of the bar menu which preparation takes a lot of time.
  • Enlarge the number of bartenders.
  • Prepare all ingredients for complicated items of the bar menu in advance.
  • Get an ice cuber not to spend much time on making ice cubes for drinks.

Business process optimization of a restaurant can help to make a restaurant more profitable without rising of the average bill and prices.

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