Process approach to the optimization of quality management system

Implementation of process approach changes the existing approach to management based on hierarchic organizational structure significantly. And all improvements provided in an organization are fulfilled by means of optimization of business processes.  

Process approach means:

  • Detecting and identification of existing processes;
  • Analysis, design of new or redesign (reforming of reengineering) of existing business processes;
  • Defining of a distinct responsibility for processes (but not functions or elements);
  • Organization of resource provision of processes, defining of internal and external suppliers and consumers;
  • Defining of criteria of effective implementation of processes, constructing of the system of measurement, monitoring and analysis of process characteristics.
  • Providing of business process optimizations.

The advantage of process approach is in continuality of management and also in combination and cooperation of processes.

Quality control in process approach is fulfilled by means of comparing of planned characteristics of quality with actual characteristics of it. Consequently, if the quality can be under the control, it can be managed.

There are the following statements of process approach to follow:

  • Any work is implemented by means of processes;
  • Each organization exists in order to implement a work, which adds a value;
  • An enterprise should define and set its own net of processes and interfaces and manage it.

The sequence of forming and business process optimization in quality management systems is based on the following stages:

  • Development of further management on the basis of a process approach;
  • Implementation of “process thinking” (informing and training);
  • The analysis of existing processes;
  • Distinction of processes and defining of connections between them;
  • Classifying and grouping of processes;
  • Defining of indexes and assessment of processes;
  • Structuring of documentation for the whole system;
  • Business process optimization.

The stage of business process optimization is the most important and it is connected with taking of final decisions. Continual improvement of processes of an enterprise, as well as improvement of production, create the atmosphere of confidence inside the enterprise, provide a long term success and support the authority of system development quality.   

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