Time tracker is a HR specialist's assistant

HR assistant

No technology can replace a HR specialist completely but it can help to automate and simplify some tasks making it easier to work and always keep your finger on the pulse of the company. An automated time tracker is of great value in this regard.

In 2014, KPMG conducted a study and found that Russian HR professionals are among the busiest in the world. The workload of an average HR-manager in Russia is 17% higher than that of his counterparts abroad. However, the level of automation in Russia in this field of work is one of the lowest: only 5% of organisations use automation in HR tasks and functions. However, many chores of HR can be easily automated by using a time tracker. The study also revealed which HR processes are automated in selected major Russian corporations:

  • Personnel records and administration are 76% automated;
  • Recruitment – 70%;
  • Calculation of compensation and benefits – 46%;
  • Training and development – 39%;
  • Corporate communications – 35%;
  • Talent management – 28%;
  • Knowledge management – 11%;
  • 13% of respondents do not use any HR-systems.

Installation of time tracker will already free up a significant amount of HR–specialist’s time, which can be then used to deal with other pressing matters. Data collected by a time tracker is objective thus nullifying errors in determining the effectiveness of every employee.

CrocoTime is the time tracker which is ideal for organizations of any size, because monitoring is carried out regardless of the number of staff, whether it is 10 employees or 10000. The program captures the time of employees’ arrival and leaving, lateness, early leave, absence and analyzes computer activity. Analysis of computer activity means the percentage of productive, unproductive, non-core and non-computer time is calculated, depending on which websites and applications an employee worked with.

The time tracker supports schedule of work including lunch breaks, vacations, sick time, etc. In CrocoTime individual schedules of work can be set for departments, units, and even specific employees. It gives a HR specialist a possibility to not only control, but to analyze the situation and make reasoned decisions using data received from the time tracker. The employees who are being monitored by the time tracker CrocoTime are not distracted: CrocoTime does not require their intervention to fill any records, it does not slow their computers. At the request of HR specialist or the head of the company time tracker CrocoTime can be hidden and it does not infringe any rights of employees, and allows to carry out a preliminary evaluation of the productivity of staff. In addition, specialists have long proved that the existence of control has a positive effect on the productivity of employees: they become more disciplined, their motivation is increased as is their desire to improve performance.

Thus, the introduction of the time tracker solves several HR-tasks: monitoring and analysis of employees’ activities, assessment of their efficiency, and improvement of overall discipline and motivation.

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