Time tracker, motivation, and productivity

Motivation and productivity

Experience has shown that the time tracker not only counts productive and unproductive hours, but also motivates personnel to work more effectively. Old time control methods do not have the same effect.

Until recently (and still true in some companies) timesheet was the main performance indicator of an employee. These timesheets most often are filled only formally, but existed for quite a long time. The information from the timesheet gave reasons to give bonuses or deny them. Many people of modern generation will be surprised to know that even now paper attendance timesheets are used in many enterprises, along with modern computers.

Pros of an automated time tracker

Timesheet is a handy tool for accounting, but it does not help a supervisor in making management decisions. The automated time tracker will show the workload of employees, their productivity and the amount of time they spend unproductively. Using such data a manager will be able to fix errors in a timely manner to improve the situation. The phenomenon of employees’ motivation is knowingly given such closely attention: it is very individual and something that would inspire the work of one employee can easily demotivate the other. However, it is empirically proven that virtually all employees are motivated by attention and monitoring of management. The staff tends to work more efficiently, to show their “necessity” in the company. It should be noted that the guidance of the management should be visible and affect the activities of subordinates: good work should be rewarded and unproductive work should be punished. Otherwise, without getting any feedback employees will lose motivation quickly.

What and how to control?

For a manager it is of utmost importance to be able to identify problems of the organization and have opportunities to fix them. The automated time tracker helps a top-manager not only in detecting problems. It also helps in finding time reserves for new challenges, to ration a labor, to increase efficiency of standard operations. The purpose of using a time tracker is not a total control and the system of penalties. The software is implemented to see the workload of staff, to help in making of savvy managerial decisions. It is not necessary for the manager to be in the workplace to analyze the work of the organization. The web interface allows you to control delays, absenteeism, overtime, distractions, unproductive activities of subordinates, and many other indicators from anywhere in the world. CrocoTime time tracker automatically allocates staff time into productive and unproductive categories and sends notification to a manager’s email in case of violations.

Employees’ opinions on usage of a time tracker

“Such software can be effective in the hands of competent managers. I think the idea here is to find the cause of the inefficiency, not to punish people”.

Artem Zhegalin, employee

“If employees are interested in their work, they do not need to be controlled. In the opposite situation the monitoring is necessary”.

Aleksandr Maksimenko, employee

“My problem is a constant workload; I have to regularly stay overtime. If the program will show the manager that I constantly work overtime and I am in need of an assistant – I would only welcome such a time tracking”.

Tatyana Dyatlova, accountant

Time tracking software sometimes receives a hostile reception from employees who threaten the leadership with massive layoffs. Usually, in such situations, the opponents are not very reliable and employees. The manager then has to decide if the company needs such employees.

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