Time tracking: a moral question

Time tracking a moral question

Effective control of employees nowadays can be provided by using of modern technological tools. Managers usually use three the most popular ways of monitoring:

  • CCTV monitoring;
  • Spy programs;
  • Time trackers.

Each method controls work time of employees and doesn’t disturb their private space. If you choose among these types, you should pay attention to the specifics of work of personnel:

  • If a work is more mobile it’s better to use CCTV monitoring. Cameras will show what employees do during a work day, how often they leave and why.
  • Spy programs and time trackers are used for monitoring of work at the office.

If you compare CCTV monitoring with time trackers and spy programs, it will be obvious that CCTV monitoring yields. The reason of it is that information gathered by a camera is not sorted or graded. It will be hardly ever possible to monitor each employee using a camera. The analysis of this information is also almost impossible.

As distinct from spy programs, time trackers are more advanced tools for monitoring of employees. The fact is that systems of monitoring process gathered data and assess the information about sites and platforms visited by an employee. If a site is acceptable, a spy program considers time spent on it productive. Time spent on other sites is considered to be non-productive. While spy programs are recording the number of acceptable and non-acceptable sites, applications and platforms, a time tracker can analyze new sites which haven’t been recorded yet and record the number of visits before considering it acceptable or non-acceptable. That is why the assessment of data is provided more accurately and will give you more detailed report.

One more advantage of these tools is that they are able to analyze effectiveness of business-processes. A manager can see what actions are effective and which ones is just a waste of time for a company. It is hardly ever possible to make it manually. Using of such solutions can help to optimize business-processes and to make a company more profitable.

Nowadays an effective monitoring of personnel becomes easier. Modern technologies offer lots of decisions which can help a manager to arrange the system of human recourses management properly, to raise effectiveness of employees and profitability of a company.

The market offers different time trackers. But the best solution for time tracking is CrocoTime. It has an easy-to-use interface, allows forming reports based on gathered data, can help to calculate the amount of wages according to time worked by employees. This tool will help you to optimize your business-processes and to raise effectiveness of personnel. This will give the opportunity to enlarge profitability of a company.

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