Use the time tracker to stop time from leaking through your fingers

Time tracker to stop time from leaking through your fingers

Sooner or later every manager wonders what do employees do during a work day? Whether they work in full force or just imitate productive activities? How to perform objective time tracking in the company?

Different employees respond differently to certain types of motivation. This is confirmed by the numerous research by psychologists, business trainers and professionals in the field of HR, and time management. Professionals say that leaders seek to “acquire and achieve”, and followers are driven by fear of losing. It is important to understand and separate motivations of employees.

What if the figures do the talking? Results of statistical research, time tracker data, and polled officials say roughly the same. Let us take the work of Socialcast experts that conducted a survey among the citizens of the United States, as an example. The specificity of the work of the staff was such that they spent at least 22 hours per week online. The poll showed that employees spend 1.14 hours on social networks, 0.34 hours on games, 0.14 hours surfing the Internet, 0.13 hours to watch videos on YouTube. These results confirm the necessity of using a time tracker in the office.

An integrated approach to motivation, incentives, training and awards has to be implemented to make it effective. Intimidate, perform total control, and conduct relentless time tracking means to put the existence of the company in jeopardy. Employees refuse to work in such conditions. But if you set the goal to help employees plan their own day, keep a track of work time and overtime, you’ll find support among hardworking employees.

The time tracker of CrocoTime harmoniously connects bonuses and penalties, disciplinary action and promotions. Our developers have approached the issue of time tracking not only from the technical side, but also from the psychological, creating the most loyal time tracker which will be liked by both managers and subordinates.

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