5 Reasons Not To Use A Time Tracker In Your Company

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Startups, lean management, time tracking are buzzwords someone might be already tired of. However, what the meaning of such words has in common is improving efficiency by removing unnecessary actions, expenditures, and waste, thus making a company more profitable.

What manager would not want this for his company?

Let’s try to find reasons why one would refuse to use a time tracker for his business’ needs.

  1. A manager believes that the organization is small and therefore no special tool is needed to see what employees are busy with during a work day and analyze the results.
    This reason not to use a time tracker may sound valid, but only at first. Any manager’s time is usually better spent doing manager’s work, not tracking time of the employees – the task which a specialized time tracker software performs much more efficiently just for a small fraction of the manager’s salary.
  2. A manager thinks that using a time tracker will take away time of employees, distract them from work, and demotivate them.
    It is not so with the modern automated time tracker of CrocoTime. It automatically collects computer usage statistics, productive and nonproductive applications and websites, ties it to specific projects and customers, and presents it for easy analysis. Employees can track their time on tasks by clicking the start/stop button and giving a short description, which takes less than a minute.
    Employees would be distracted and demotivated by a manager looking over their shoulders, while the time tracker application does not interfere with an employee’s work.
  3. There are time trackers and monitoring applications that severely slow down employees’ computers and overload a company’s network by sending screen capture videos, audio logs, screenshots, etc.
    Such kind of monitoring software indeed exists and it is understandable that a manager would not want any of this for his company. However, not every time tracker is like that. The fast and light-weight monitoring agent of CrocoTime time tracker does not overload an employee’s computer, nor it overloads a company’s network, as it sends only the information necessary to accomplish its goals of measuring, analyzing, and improving productivity.
  4. There is a fear that installing and configuring a time tracker is a time-consuming job that requires IT expertise.
    Again, not true in the case of CrocoTime. The time tracker’s user interface is so intuitive that you rarely need to look for a manual or call customer support (which is, of course, is there to help). It allows different ways of installation from manual installation on each computer, to mass deployment using a network tool, or GPO. CrocoTime is offered either as a standalone solution (you will need your own server), or as a cloud service (you will only need to install monitoring agents to your employee’s computers).
  5. A manager thinks that all this time tracking is a hype and other features of the application are of no use in the company.
    Shall we consider a use case to prove such a belief wrong? The Company A has 135 employees who work mainly at computers, are paid USD 30 per hour on average, and spend 28% of their work time non-productively (on average, and sometimes up to 45%). For a week of 40 hours we get 40*0.28 = 11.2 hours wasted per employee and 11.2*135 = 1512 hours per week for a company. Multiply it by USD 30 of average pay and you get USD 45,360 spent for nothing just in one week! And this is just one of the most obvious examples.
    Time wasted not only by spending it on entertainment websites and games, but also when senior specialists perform tasks that do not require their level of skill and should be done by a lower-paid employee, or tasks that can be performed by the automated time tracker instead.
    Another example of useful feature is an opportunity to see the time spent for a specific project in detail: who worked on the project, for how long, what tools were used and how, how much money were spent and what can be billed to a customer. Isn’t an opportunity to predict costs of your future projects a valuable one?

Do not hesitate to try modern tools to make your business more efficient and profitable, try CrocoTime time tracker for free to familiarize with its features and you will see that there are no reasons to refuse it in your company.

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