Which version of the time tracker is the best for your company's needs?

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The automated time tracker of CrocoTime provided either as a standalone solution or as a cloud-based service (SaaS). Each option has advantages and disadvantages depending on how do you plan to use the software, the structure of your organization, level of IT expertise, etc.

CrocoTime time tracker as a standalone solution:

  • A server application is provided to be installed at your server in your organization. You will need to purchase, configure, and maintain a server, scale it when your organization grows, and ensure sufficient reliability for your needs. This is quite hard and expensive at first, but for medium- and large-sized organizations with already established IT infrastructure and staff it will not be a problem. The advantages of having your own server are more flexible configuration, independence from Internet connection, conformity security standards of specific organizations.
  • The standalone version of the time tracker supports integration with AD to synchronize with your organization’s structure with its departments and employees in a few clicks. This feature is a must for larger organizations, but small companies can do without it.
  • There is a one time payment per a license. The license itself is perpetual and you will be able to use it for as long as you want for as many employees as you purchased it. The license also includes 1 year of updates and customer support. You will be able to use the time tracker after that, but if you’ll need updates and support, you’ll have to pay a discounted fee.

CrocoTime time tracker as a cloud-based service:

  • With a cloud-based software there is no need to purchase and maintain your own server, and employ IT specialists qualified enough to support it. You will only need to install time tracker monitoring agents to computers of your employees. The server is configured and supported by CrocoTime and you are not concerned with any technical details and additional costs. The disadvantages are reliance on Internet connection and provider services.
  • Since the server is cloud-based, unlike a standalone server, it can be accessed via Internet from anywhere, which makes it the best choice if you employ freelancers, your employees are often in business trips or otherwise geographically distributed. Of course, a tunnel can be configured to your local network to use the standalone server of the time tracker the same way, but again it needs a specialist to do the task.
  • A small subscription fee is charged on a per employee basis, either monthly or yearly (if you prefer to get a discount). The monthly fee is much smaller than the one time payment for a standalone version of the time tracker, but if you intend to use the software for a long time, it may be worth considering the standalone version.

Whichever version of Crocotime time tracker you choose, it will prove to be a useful, feature-rich, and user-friendly tool we designed it to be. Try it for free, or contact us if there are any questions.

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