How to implement a time tracker in your company?

Time tracking and employee monitoring software to stop procrastination.

A process of implementing the time tracker in a company is not as hard as you might think, but there are things you should pay attention to. You need to consider both technical and organizational sides of the question.

From the technical point of view, implementation of the time tracker mostly depends on what version of the program you chose: standalone, or cloud-based? The cloud version is very easy to deploy: login to the system via your account, download the monitoring agent installer, and install it to the computers to be monitored (either manually, or using the network tool, or via GPO). That’s it.

It is more complicated with standalone version: you will need your own hardware to install CrocoTime server there. Deployment of time tracker agents is almost the same as for a cloud version.

Then you will need to configure the program.

CrocoTime time tracker comes with already configured productive and nonproductive groups of the most widely-used websites and applications, but you can easily tailor the configuration to your company’s needs.

You will also need to import your organization’s structure from AD, or create it manually. Fill in projects and customers and you are ready to go.

From the organizational point of view, you will need to create a plan of action which will take into account all the newly-received information about functioning of your company that the time tracker will provide you. Will you integrate it with your accounting software to pay salaries and bill customers automatically? Will you use it to predict costs of future projects? To encourage productive employees? Or to punish ones who use work day for entertainment? The possibilities are countless, but you have to know what you are doing and which goals you wish to achieve by using the time tracker.

Please read stories of our customers for use cases, testimonials, and inspiration.

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