How We Use CrocoTime Time Tracker In Our Company

The time tracker shows the difference between the best and mediocre employees

As developers of one of the best time trackers in the market, we take the topic of time tracking personally. Knowing how helpful and profitable it can be to implement lean management and time tracking practices in a company, we walk the talk. We are proud to use such an effective and useful tool as CrocoTime and offer it to our customers.

Every employee has a time tracker agent installed to his computer. They start their work day by switching on their computers and doing a short review of tasks for a day. Meanwhile, the time tracker starts collecting statistics of their activities. It shows when a work day actually starts for every employee. We usually have a short meeting to confirm a daily plan. Such meetings are logged automatically as “away from computer” by the time tracker, with a short comment given by an employee.

Colleagues then proceed to their tasks for a day, be it programming new features and optimizing the software, searching for new clients, customer support, skype calls, phone conversations, SEO, or marketing analysis. Every specialist is a member of a specific department and can choose tasks from the list for their departments in the time tracker interface. When starting a track, we choose not only a task, but also a project and customer that we work for at the moment.

We can start the track by clicking the “Start” button of the agent, or in the system’s web interface. It takes less than a minute. This manually-created track is shown below the track of productive and nonproductive programs and websites usage. Such matching of 2 tracks makes it convenient to see what tools we use for what task and for how long. It also removes any doubts that may exist. In rare cases when we forget to create manual tracks, we can easily create it later. Using the time tracker’s web interface tracks can be created, dragged, resized, and commented on without any hassle.

The tracks of previous projects allow us to predict more accurately how much time and money could be spent in the future for adding a new feature to the time tracker, writing a document, an article, performing research.

There are people in our company who use fixed schedule and work in the office. There are some who still work in the office, but use flexible schedule, and there are remote workers. Since the time tracker of CrocoTime supports all kinds of schedules and they are easy to edit, there is no problem for any employee to use the system.

Our actual work hours which the time tracker collects our accounting then uses for payroll. It includes data for overtime, business trips, etc. Since our people work responsibly there is never a problem.

We hope that our example has helped to clarify valuable features of the CrocoTime time tracker, and it will become a good friend to your company and business, as it is to ours.

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