Business process engineering

The purpose of business process engineering

Today we will discuss the topic of business process engineering. First of all, it is necessary to mention the main objectives of business process engineering methodology. What tasks is it supposed to fulfill?

The general aim of using business process engineering is providing of a clear vision of and realizing of tasks set within the frames of a project. It is highly important to provide it through the examination of all informational, financial, economical and other processes. Of course, each particular project has its own objectives which are directed to the development of a company.

The usage

Methods of business process engineering are commonly used in business process optimization, analysis, preparations to business process automation, development of functional requirements to program complexes, development of new business processes, full reengineering of the whole functional system of a company or its significant parts. In this case, it is highly recommended to provide understanding of organizational and functional structures of a company and the level of their mutual accordance, understanding of current problems and opportunities to solve them. It is important to be sure that customers, users and developers understand the objectives and aims of a project.

All stated above is possible to implement using approaches of business process engineering.

Standards of engineering

There are more than 20 technologies of organizational engineering. The most popular technologies of functional business process engineering are standards of IDEF and ARIS and UML methodologies. There is a lot of information in the Internet and specialized literature about them. We find it sensible to use a technology which responds project requirements of business process engineering in each specific case.

Typical mistakes in business process engineering

One of the most common mistakes of those who are trying to make first steps in business process engineering is a thought that the projects of business process optimization or business process reengineering is a task for high-qualified analysts. Actually, implementation of business process optimization, for example, is impossible without working in a team. It is necessary to understand that all levels of company personnel should take part in business process engineering and at least understand the main purposes of it.

It often happens that the state of a business process cannot be assessed appropriately. The reason of it is that all data on a business process is gathered from the heads of divisions, when the full picture can be got only when all employees are involved in data collection. If a business process is not assessed appropriately, the results of its analysis won’t be accurate. Consequently, such complicated projects as, for example, business process optimization won’t be successful.

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