CrocoTime – the automated time tracker


To make an informed decision to optimize working time a manager should have exact understanding of how much time is spent productively and unproductively. However, instead of providing a summary, many available time trackers show screenshots, keystrokes, scroll maps, etc.

Alas, it is impossible to say anything about how much time is spent unproductively on the basis of such data. The automated time tracker CrocoTime was originally designed to provide aggregated information about both employees and departments of an organization. CrocoTime precisely shows the amount of time that employees spend browsing entertainment websites and programs. This allows you to detect new unproductive programs and websites and block access to them quickly. The time tracker is capable of calculating unproductive work time not only for employees, but for structural units of an organization as well. This allows users to compare the efficiency of work time usage and work organization. Moreover, CrocoTime supports integration with other systems, the HTTP API is provided for this purpose. For example, it can be used to calculate fines for abuse of recreational resources and lateness. Due to complete automation the process excludes the human factor. To simplify the task of staff scheduling automatic import of schedules form SAP is supported. This feature of CrocoTime will save time and reduce the likelihood of errors. The automatic time tracker CrocoTime does not violate human rights to privacy, as it does not monitor personal data. The basic rules of calculating productive and unproductive time are simple and transparent for employees’ understanding, thus reducing the likelihood of disputes.

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