Why does your company need a time tracker?

Increase productivity with time tracking

How can you use CrocoTime to find time loss areas and to clearly discover who really works for the company? What tasks can be solved by the time tracker?

Time tracker helps to find areas where the work time is wasted

Ideal employees probably do not exist, but every boss would like to have them in his team as they are not distracted, they are result driven, and highly motivated. In real world, many employees use work time for personal ends: they text in social networks, browse entertainment sites or play online games, buy things in online shops or just spend their time at the coffee machine. Some of them freelance right from the workplace to get double salary for the same time from his own business and from his boss. Time tracker of CrocoTime allows detecting where the company loses paid working hours and consequently money. CrocoTime shows where and how much time is spent in the organization unproductively. The time tracker records the time of work with the software, sites and documents, shows the productive work, as well as the time that the employee spent on personal needs, distraction and amusement. When a company faces new tasks, employees not always volunteer to perform them. The majority of workers refer to marginal workload. CrocoTime time tracker will help to understand which human resources can be used to perform these tasks. The program will show you which department and which specific employee has free time to work on additional tasks.

Time tracker simplifies optimization of business processes

CrocoTime analysis will help to understand where a sledgehammer is used to crack a nut, it will help to identify processes which take up too much time, allowing to take the necessary measures: automate staff’s work, organize additional training, conduct a staff reshuffle, apply a new approach in organizing activities. The “non-profile” time indicator was introduced by CrocoTime to allow the optimization of business processes. This indicator takes into consideration an employee’s productive work time with programs and sites, with which he should not really work. For example, an accountant who fills in personal data about employees will spend this time for a company’s benefit, but at the same time, this activity is non-profile for an accountant. He could use working time more efficiently. Another example: senior developer is testing instead of writing code. Development is slowed down, but there is no non-productive activity: employee works. However the efficiency of working time use raises questions.

Time tracker helps to find reserves of working time

Problems of rush jobs and timeline disruptions are not uncommon for many organizations. Don’t be in a rush to hire new employees, as CrocoTime can solve the problem by rationing of work operations. Sberbank followed this path when reforming its work. Having reviewed normal working days employees by minor parts and disposed of unnecessary details, Sberbank saved thousands of working hours. In a large company, reduction of a single operation by only 10 seconds frees up hundreds if not thousands of employees. CrocoTime time tracker will show an employee’s working day minute by minute and will help to find time reserves for new challenges. Staff performance is usually assessed in a view of implementation of goals. But how does one make a plan? How does a supervisor know how many tasks should be assigned to an employee? If you do it by rule of thumb an optimal result is unlikely to be achieved. Having assessed actual workload of employees using CrocoTime a manager will be able to designate fair goals to employees, set limits to perform standard operations, etc.

Time tracker allows to optimize staff

In any case of staff optimization a supervisor has to make difficult decisions to choose a candidate for a promotion from several talented employees or, conversely, for a demotion of an employee if he fails. Statistical data collected and presented by the time tracker will help to form a complete and objective picture. When employees complain of high workload and lack of time, the time tracker will show the reality of the situation: a manager will be able to either think about expansion of staff or will have undeniable arguments in a discussion about the lack of time.

Time tracker improves discipline

Late attendance is a pressing problem for many organizations. Managers have to spend their own time in order to keep track of offenders. If left unchecked, late attendance may lead to a situation where there will be no employees in the office in the beginning of the working day. Meanwhile, customers will call and, having not received a response, will leave to competitors. Unregulated breaks are another problem: a manager went for a smoke break once again and missed another customer. A time tracker provides information about employee absence time for the computer, lateness, absenteeism and leaving an office early. You can “bind” a collective’s wage to this data — the effect will be forthcoming. Customer experience with CrocoTime shows that the mere installation of the time tracker disciplines employees because their work is now completely transparent to their supervisor.

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