Effective business processes: step-by-step guide

Business process optimization is making of correlation between various business processes of a company. Very often problems in organizations are connected with the fact that there is a lack of connection between certain business processes. These problems can be solved only with the help of a CEO. Mutual understanding between managers can be reached only if all mismatches will be described and regulated.

All in all, business process description takes from a week to three or four months. If the process continues for more than four months, this means that the task was stated incorrectly and you deepened into description of unnecessary details.

Who needs optimization?

Business process optimization is necessary for companies which have a lot of branches or have a big database of clients: for insurance companies, retail markets, banks, huge industry-specific distributors, service organizations. It is very important for such companies not to compromise the quality of service in the context of increase in sales or the number of branch offices of departments’ growth. Unfortunately, not every company can meet this requirement. As a result, customers get dissatisfied with services or products of a company and choose competitors. If a company is not conscious about elimination of excess processes or odd control elements the failure won’t take long. This means that business process optimization is not a temporary project but it should take place constantly.

Advantages of business process optimization:

  • Company functioning is getting clear. The possibility to improve the work, the order of performance standards and payments to the personnel appears.
  • You are able to make a comprehend choice of processes which are to make automated. Process automation is needed only for those things from which financial result of company work depends. Starting from secondary processes is incorrect.
  • The quality of final product is getting higher. It is also necessary to notice what details of each business process make a product better. At the same time, discovering of weak points of processes helps to improve the quality of a product without efforts.

Business processes regulation is needed in the following cases:

  1. If it is needed to improve visibility and control of a company
  2. When management change
  3. When implementing of information systems
  4. When forming of an integrated holding
  5. When privatization of a state enterprise

When it is not effective to describe business processes:

  1. If a company is not big
  2. If a company personnel number is more than 5000 people. The other methods, such as the description of organizational and functional structures, are more effective in such case
  3. If a company doesn’t have appropriate resources (appropriate managers)

It is obvious that not every process of a company can be regulated. However, if at least a small part of them will be regulated or even automated, management won’t need to spend a lot of time explaining employees what to do. That is why it is necessary to assess the modern state of your enterprise and decide whether you need a business process optimization or not.


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