Employee dismissal: mission possible

How is the procedure of dismissal provided?

Usually a chief spends quite a lot of time on efforts to improve the situation in which an employee no longer corresponds to certain changes in the company or a division. Sometimes the reason of such an effectiveness loss is implementation of business process optimization which requires certain competence of employees and their ambition to adopt such changes in the system. At first, we don’t notice that some members of the personnel do not correspond to new rules of the company, don’t want to work hard anymore or just simulate their effective performance. Making a decision on dismissal is always very difficult, especially if you are a kind of a chief who values his personnel resource, has the highest level of responsibility and, first of all, sees his own administrative mistakes. However, sooner or later, there comes a time when you cannot exercise you patience anymore. Then, what is necessary to do in this case? Let us figure it out.

First of all, you should be sure that you’ve done everything possible to improve the situation for the better:

  • Objectives have been set distinctly and accurately;
  • You’ve tried to help the employee to cope with difficulties;
  • The employee was informed about changes in the company (whether it is administrative changes, a business process optimization or new rules and regulations);
  • A reasonable feedback on the employee’s success and faults has been given.

If you’ve undertaken all these actions, but the results of the employee’s work haven’t been improved and you had to correct his mistakes more and more often, then there is the time to act more decisively.  

Dismissal of the ineffective employee: basic steps

Further it is important to take actions on gathering of all evidences of employee ineffectiveness. This can be any organizational or administrative documents where the lack of results or actions aimed at their achieving is obvious:

  • Official notes with complaints against this employee;
  • Analytics of the lowering of effectiveness of the employee, not depending on the results of business process optimization;
  • Any reports of time tracking systems where alterations from performance standards are obvious.

Nowadays most companies optimize business processes in the sphere of human resource management and it is not that difficult to get the evidence of ineffectiveness of employees. Documented evidences can be legal foundation for dismissals of employees.

Inform the employee that you are not satisfied with his work performance. Let him be aware of your discontent. Sometimes it happens that employees understand their mistakes and make a decision to dismiss at their own request. However, there is a group of employees who are ready to play for time. In this case, independent assessment of work effectiveness can be provided. This analysis will educe the facts of insufficient level of competence or the lowering of performance level of an employee.

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