First steps to workflow automation in holding companies

First step

Those, who think that just to choose a system for electronic document flow is enough and the problem is solved, are mistaken. It is necessary to start from the other question: business process optimization which includes changes, redesign of the structure, document flows and procedures. It is easier to provide workflow automation of a system which is clear and optimal than to automate a mess. It is impossible to build processes without a distinct labor management, correct distribution of tasks.

Organizational structure of a holding company

Building and optimization of organizational structure of a holding company is the task of the management of the head company. However, employees of management document support service should know the basic principles of the structure of a holding company in order to define the spheres of competence of employees, to arrange work with documents and to set document flows correctly.

Organizational structure of a holding company has its own peculiarities. Of course, each subsidiary company has its own chief manager and all standard divisions and the management of these divisions is provided according to line management principle.

However, it is very important for a holding company to have a flexible mechanism of management which is able to manage activities of each employee and each division, each subsidiary company and a holding company in general. Such a mechanism allows having a centralized policy of holding company management with the aim to enlarge work effectiveness, to reach a certain level of profit, to keep a certain sales level, etc.

Business process optimization in holding companies: what for?

Holding companies are developing step by step. During their development the priorities of organizational management may change. That is why very often there are situations when most management processes need to be improved. The necessity of business process optimization can be caused not only by ineffective work of a company, but also by the changing of the strategy and basic objectives of a company.

However, if the necessity of business process optimization is obvious, a holding company should start doing something, otherwise non-optimal business processes can lead to the lowering of profits.

Basic aspects for choosing of an electronic document flow system

If optimized business processes work well and organizational structure of a holding company is standardized, it is time to choose an electronic document flow system.

  1. electronic document flow system should be able to be integrated with your informational system
  2. the system should have an opportunity to support the complicated structure of a holding company
  3. the system should be able to use information of centralized databases

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