How to avoid mistakes when choosing a time tracker

When it is advisable to use a simplified time tracker?

First of all, you can use a simplified time tracker when you trust your employees to the full extent. And time tracker monitoring is installed just in case. Then, if you see that an employee is responsible and you do not pay much attention to the process of work implementation and just need an appropriate result. However, this situation is rather tricky: who knows, maybe using of more advanced time tracking system could make your business process more productive and could bring you more profits?

There are many cases when labor activities evaluation is not in a manager’s priority. However, actually, nowadays you can hardly ever meet a company which is not conscious about personnel labor effectiveness.

When employees themselves are interested in personal effectiveness, you can also use a simplified time tracker. In this case, it is just a tool for self-management and self-control for employees.

Disadvantages of simplified time trackers for labor effectiveness evaluation:

  • Difficulties of using them in large companies
  • The possibility of manual data substitution
  • Visualization of hours spent without computer work visualization
  • Vague reporting on time spending

Working with programs and applications

The same program or application can be used effectively as well as ineffectively. Simplified time trackers detect which programs are useful and which are not without paying attention on what tasks have been done in these programs. But it may be important in labor effectiveness evaluation.

Working with websites

The situation with websites is similar. But there are more websites than programs and it is even more difficult to classify certain websites according to their effectiveness and ineffectiveness. A simplified time tracker doesn’t usually have an appropriate number of settings for advanced classifying. And it can occur that while working useful websites can be regarded as ineffective ones.

Types of works implemented are constantly changing and this can lead to a large amount of category settings and incorrect defining of employee effectiveness. All these things can take a lot of time. Sometimes companies appoint special people to control time tracker functioning which is not optimal.

Incorrect distribution of productivity can lead to incorrect work time indexes and this, in its turn, can lead to conflicts between management and employees and have a negative impact on the corporate mood.

All the advantages of simplified time trackers are rather unconvincing while there are a lot of disadvantages in using of them. That is why the best way to be sure in personnel monitoring is to install an appropriate, modern and advanced solution. CrocoTime system has all necessary settings and options to provide an up-to-date and multidimensional personnel working time monitoring.

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