Four easy techniques for business processes optimization

Technique 1. Taking of Ideal Final Result out of the frames of the process

While optimizing any business processes it is necessary to have a distinct description of Ideal Final Result. This is the first step of the algorithm of Inventive Problem solving. It seems that there is nothing simpler than forming of Ideal Final Result while business process constructing. But human consciousness plays a nasty trick with people and they start looking for an Ideal Final Result within the frames of the process itself.

How to use it?

To form an Ideal Final Result which can be achieved not only by the process of implementation, but by all possible ways.

Technique 2. Excluding of excessive steps of the process

It is necessary to observe the aims of each step of the process and to find out whether it is possible to exclude some steps or to integrate them. Time trackers usually help managers to define steps which are not profitable for a company and can be excluded without any impact on the process.

How to use it?

To analyze your business process written in steps using the following questions:

  • Are there any steps which double each other and is it possible to take it away?
  • Are all stages of the process necessary for the main goal of the process or there are some which can be eliminated?

It should be emphasized that these questions can be answered according to time tracker reports. This reporting is provided by gathering of all the statistics analyzing of each step of the business process.

Technique 3. Changing of business process steps order

It happens that some steps of a business process are non-productive in certain circumstances and they can be omitted. In this case it is important to understand the correct order of steps not to waste time on insignificant activities. When you have an access to the statistics you will see which steps of the business process can change their order. The best way to get the statistics on business processes is to use a time tracker.

How to use it?

To analyze the business process written in steps using the following questions:

  • Which steps of the business process are the most significant?
  • Can these steps be shifted to the beginning of the business process?

In order not to provide manual gathering of the statistics on different steps of a business process, specialists advise to use time tracking systems.

Technique 4. Process fragmentation

A business process can be called the more perfect, the less qualification of employees it demands. The concept of this technique is in fragmentation of processes and procedures which follows to process simplification.

How to use it?

To analyze the business process written in steps using the following questions:

  • Which procedures require the highest level of employee qualification?
  • Can these procedures be divided into simpler ones in order to lower requirements to an employee?

In this way, business processes optimization can be provided by using of techniques described above. These techniques are not complicated and their using can be simplified even more if a time tracker reporting is available.

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