How to use the time tracker to increase productivity

Time tracking software CrocoTime helps to increase productivity.

The tips below will help you to increase productivity and achieve the desired results at work:

  1. Focus on what is really important You will not be able to forget about tasks or to abandon them if you rank them according to their importance and make a list. Even one, but important, task that has not been completed on time will make you pay attention to a time tracker. You will become more focused, if you prioritize and perform the most difficult tasks in time.
  2. Make daily plans in advance Today many people forget about the importance of making a list of errands. A clear and concise plan will show the full picture of the day and you will be able concentrate on important tasks. The plan written on a sheet of paper will let you adjust tasks, make changes, and keep the record of time.
  3. Remember about time tracker Are you not satisfied with your productivity? If you do not understand where precious hours and minutes go missing, start using the time tracker which will help to stem the leakage of this invaluable resource. If you often work with a computer, the time tracker CrocoTime will show how much time you spend on specific tasks and activities. It records time spent on work, entertainment, clock-in and clock-out information, etc. It is possible that analyzing the data collected by the software you’ll find that you spent time in social networks or on a news site instead of working.
  4. Train yourself to prepare for work It is easier for people to perform their duties more effectively after a ritual of preparing to work. One person spends a few minutes cleaning a desktop, and for another two hours to check emails is not enough. If preparing to work takes too much time then it would have a negative impact on the work, and the time tracker becomes a necessity. To facilitate preparation to work, include a ritual of preparation in your personal agenda. Standard and customary steps will fire as a signal to the whole organism, that it is time to work. If the time tracking software shows you positive dynamic in performance. You can be sure that your time is spent efficiently and productively.
  5. On weekends, follow the usual schedule Numerous studies prove that habitual diet, sleep, rest and labor alternating schedules on weekend help people to easily prepare themselves to work on Monday.
  6. Analyze not only a time tracker record of work time, but leisure time too Achieving exceptional productivity is not possible without competent use of a time tracker. But you need to have a sufficient time to rest, too. The work should begin and end on time. Extra time at work can make a person so tired that he will not be able to recover effectively, not mentioning to make plans for the next day.

It is easy to see that all tips are directly connected with the subject of time tracking. The process of time tracking can be so automated that it will become a convenient and effective tool in the hands of the employee. You just need to start using the time tracker CrocoTime.

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