"Staff optimization" does not equal "layoff"

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With the onset of the economical crisis, companies have set a course for optimization to save their own viability. In 2015, many companies announced adoption of so-called “anti-crisis measures” and “optimization” plans.

However, for the most part these measures included downsizing, cuts of wages and corporate events. In a crisis situation the majority of businessmen choose the most obvious way to reduce cost. However, the cost reduction by means of layoffs is not the best way out, it won’t allow to overcome competing companies that are in similar situations. By implementing a time tracker solution and evaluating their productivity and efficiency of business processes, you can reach a qualitatively new level of work organization, leaving the competitors behind. How to do it? High-tech companies constantly offer new solutions and innovations. Many of time tracker solutions do not require a long implementation, while giving striking results. In times of crisis employees are much more receptive to new trends in labor organization, since it is intended to ensure stable development of the company in challenging times, while other companies struggle. Many options for anti-crisis solutions today presented in the area of HR management and employee monitoring. A good example of crisis optimization can be the example of “Panavto” Co., a client of CrocoTime, who implemented the time tracker in sales department to optimize its work and improve productivity. The reports generated by CrocoTime showed that employees spend undue time working with text documents. By employing document templates and automating work with documents, efficiency of sales department increased considerably. Once again: do not take “optimization” as equal to “layoff”. Optimization is, first and foremost, increasing efficiency. Choose ways of making business processes less costly and more effective through use of new technologies.

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