Human resource management reengineering and optimization

Human resource connects all business processes of a company, supports organizational culture and corporate strategies. Initial point defining personnel labor effectiveness is personnel potentials – opportunities to use the complex of connected components and elements which are in a strong relation and provide certain functions.

New approaches to human resource management

Modern tendencies of management determine new approaches to human resource management. These approaches are the basis of business process reengineering and business process optimization. These processes suggest reinterpretation of the ways of work on all business levels, elimination of unnecessary activities and searching for more effective ways of company functioning.

Peculiarities of reengineering and optimization of business processes in modern organizations

Business process optimization and reengineering is one of important directions of company management improvement. It covers all functions of business administration; it can be used in single companies as well as in huge integrated business groups.

There are at least two approaches to business process optimization and reengineering:

  • “Revolutionary”, when all the changes are provided in a short period of time and have quite significant differences with a previous system.
  • “Evolutionary”, a combination of reengineering with methods of business process optimization.

Business process optimization is aimed not only to make each procedure of a process effective, but also to make the whole system of these procedures work more productively.  

That is why it is necessary for a manager who is going to start the process of optimization and reengineering to know the objectives set and the results expected, time limits needed for these processes, efforts and financial resources necessary for them.

Mechanisms of reengineering

Reengineering allows standardizing the process by means of implementation of standard procedures and models of fundamental changing of the character of implemented works and the whole administrative system.

Why human resource management needs reengineering

Human resource management plays a significant role in the whole system of company business processes. That is why it would be hard to overestimate the importance of human resource management system in achieving of strategic objectives and the level of company management effectiveness as the most important resource of a company – human resource – should work towards a result which a company needs.

So, company business process optimization and reengineering is impossible to provide without human resource management reengineering and optimization. These processes mean reframing and redesign of human resource processes with the aim in order to achieve optimum personnel and the whole company work performance.

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