Labor effectiveness improvement

This article describes ways of labor effectiveness improvement and reviews several important rules using which you can enlarge your performance productivity. Labor effectiveness improvement and working time using is a very important question today not only for employers but also for freelancers or self-entrepreneurs or employees whose salaries depend on results of their work.

Methods of personal effectiveness improvement

  1. Do not overwork!

There is an opinion that if you want to raise money you should work a lot. However, it is not quite correct: it is more correct to say not “a lot”, but “effectively”. When a person works too much his effectiveness lowers. That is why if you think about labor effectiveness improvement, you should never try to work to the point of exhaustion – this work will not bring you anything good.

During a working process an employee should have some time for a short break. Otherwise, labor effectiveness will lower: the more tired a person is the less effectively he works. Of course, such breaks should be rational. For example, a chief manager can set some norm of time which can be spent on breaks and monitor it by means of a time tracker. Speaking about norms, it is essential to notice that management can also control the workload of personnel. Correct workload distribution provides personnel work effectiveness. The full picture of workload distribution and scheduling are usually available in time tracker reporting.

  1. Learn to say “NO”

The next important rule affecting on labor effectiveness improvement is possibility to skip unnecessary things which do not bring any benefits to your work and to concentrate on the main things. In general, all your tasks can be divided into productive and non-productive activities. In the future productive activities become your profits and non-productive ones are just a waste of your time. Try to eliminate the number of non-productive tasks. A time tracker can help you with this.

  1. Delegate authorities

It often happens that a person keynotes to do everything himself in order to reduce the likelihood of mistakes in work. Even if it is so not all the work should be done perfectly well. Some tasks just need to be done.

If you try to do everything yourself effectiveness will lower because you will spend your time on small things and lose your concentration on the main objective. In order to improve your effectiveness you need to delegate your authorities to other people.

  1. Do not strive for perfection!

Some tasks do not need to be done perfectly well. Sometimes it is enough just to fulfill them and that’s all. Take a look at your time tracker report. Some tasks are obligatory; however, they do not bring you any profits. Try to prioritize things correctly and concentrate only on things which really need to be done excellent.

  1. Automate processes

If you have a routine work, try to automate it as much as you can. Even if you will have to spend some time or money to get it going. You will get much more in the nearest future! There are many special tools and solutions which can optimize your work productivity. Various time tracking systems, applications for document flow and other things to enlarge your work effectiveness.

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