Secrets of business processes optimization

The key of cost saving and effectiveness improvement of banking business lays in optimization of banking business processes. These processes are different: front office customer service processes, back office transaction processing processes, etc. The main method of banking business processes optimization is their automation using automated banking systems and business applications, systems of e-document flow, CRM systems, time trackers as tools of optimization and business process management platforms. Some peculiarities of using business process management platforms are described in the article.

Effective usage of different programs in one organization

If we talk about e-document flow, CRM and time tracking systems within the frames of BPM approach, we should start with the fact that processes can be various. It is sensible to divide all business-processes into three groups: human-oriented, document-oriented and system-oriented.  

There are three distinct types of business processes and objectives which create specific niches of the market filled with certain products of different vendors. The question about which product should be used in one niche is wide and complicated and there is no sense in giving some certain recommendations, it is important to see the whole picture.

Effective using of BPM approach: what changes are needed in banking program infrastructure?

To implement BPM platform effectively, a bank needs to have a flexible, clear and safe program infrastructure which is based on automated banking system. Large banks usually work with automated banking systems which have been implemented quite a long ago. They deal with internal processes perfectly well, however, they provide quite a small number of opportunities for flow-thru business processes of banks. Service-oriented architecture can be a standard in this case. However, there are a number of difficulties on the way of integration of several automated banking systems. And it is also quite difficult to change the main ABS for a huge bank. The only one way here is to adapt your own system or to make it service-oriented by your own forces.

Integrated component architecture approach

This approach is based on creating of several functional modules which are accompanied with external functional parts and all of them are connected with an integration platform. So, you end up with a distributed ABS of component-integrated architecture. Time tracking systems can be also one of functional modules for the system.

New BPM solutions for banks

While implementing of BPM platform, a bank gets an opportunity to provide centralization of homogeneous functional. BPM solution provides the opportunity to integrate all processes into a single system which can cooperate with other systems within the frames of automated business processes.

Results of document-oriented process optimization can be seen in time tracker reporting as well as results of human-oriented processes optimization. Time trackers help managers to follow the dynamics of BPM approach implementation.

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