Maternity leave and remote work

Maternity leave and remote work

A woman who got used to intensive work days and became a mother is very difficult to stay at home for a couple of years doing nothing except taking care of a baby. Most women are afraid of losing qualification and of everyday routine. Besides that, lots of expenses on a baby make a woman think about getting of extra money. That is why most mothers try to find time for a temporary job or getting of education.

If you decided to get an extra job, discuss it with your relatives who help you with your baby, because your work time will depend on them to some degree.

Flexible schedule on a main job

If you want to get back to your main workplace, discuss this topic with your manager. Try to agree upon a flexible schedule and decide what schedule will be appropriate for you. Keep in mind, that transferring to remote work can reduce the amount of your salary. The reason of it is the fact that you won’t be able to visit office every day and a workload will be reduced. But if you are sure that you are able to implement the same amount of work tasks as it was before, try to tell a chief about your ambition. If everything will be fine, you can start arranging your home office.

Very often companies have systems of monitoring of work time of employees: time trackers. You will have to install time tracker software on your home computer in order to be under control of management as it was on your full-time position. Besides that, a time tracker can be a good helper for a remote employee. Being aware of how much time is spent by you on a certain task you will have the opportunity to make a definite plan of your day. Some employees monitor their effectiveness using a time tracker in order to raise their productivity and to save time working remotely.  


Freelance is a perfect solution for those people whose professions are not connected with a strict schedule (a designer, a webpage designer, a journalist, a translator, etc). But freelance is not for everyone. It has its own advantages and disadvantages. A freelancer should have a high level of self-organization, a good portfolio, the ability to work at home without getting distracted. That is why it can be inappropriate for young mothers. However, there are lots of women who are freelancers. Usually they have a helper who takes care of a baby when they are at work, because working on some projects needs to be in touch with the office in some certain time. To raise their productivity, freelancers use time trackers as well as other remote employees. Sometimes even the amount of their salary depends on a time tracker report.

So, we have observed two basic types of remote work for a young mother. If you have enough power and a desire to work remotely, you should try it!

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