Online self-employment: why do we don’t need a full-time work anymore?

Online self-employment why do we don’t need a full time work anymore

World economy bears meaningful changes and labor market is not an exception. In conditions of economic crisis most companies transfer their activities to the Internet, become very attentive to expenses on human resources, control work of employees by means of time trackers and use outstaffing more and more. At the same time, unemployment is constantly growing. And those people who have a full-time work try to use their free time to work remotely to get extra money. The crisis created a positive environment for the development of online services market.

Battle for services

Current situation on labor market gave active rise to different platforms and sites offering various specialists who are ready to provide different services. A new model of services consumption appeared. This model was called on-demand economy, the key role in which self-employed people play. Constant full-time work for a salary is under the risk of becoming an anachronism. More and more specialists prefer working by themselves and cooperate with two or more companies at the same time. This new step in labor culture became possible thanks to special online platforms which allow fast choosing of a good specialist and special tools for remote monitoring of a worker – time trackers. Such platforms contain information about candidates, their rating and conditions under which they are ready to work. Managers are not afraid of work of remote employees anymore because most of them use time trackers and it is one of the best ways to optimize a company and to save their money.

From freelance to business

People are getting used to freelance format of work that is why it is possible to find work tasks for a freelancer for good sums of money.

So, platforms which are oriented on searching of helpers for small tasks and single time objectives also unify professionals from totally different spheres: architecture, design, marketing, psychology, engineering, scientific and medical spheres.

Of course competitiveness of freelancers is rising up. Some of freelancers are dumping and some of them are ready to do some tasks for free in order to make a good rating and to be more competitive. If a project manager found a freelancer for a project implementation, the best way of monitoring his work and productivity is to use a time tracker. Especially time trackers are very useful for long-term project work because it can minimize risks concerning discipline and timing of a freelancer. And it will clear financial aspects between a company and a freelancer, because a time tracker can calculate the wage according to time worked.

It seems that this new model of human resources management connected with freelance workers and home offices is not that safe and doesn’t inspire confidence. But nowadays this way of arranging business-processes is very popular and, that is the most important aspect, helps to survive in conditions of economic crisis.

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