Labor force of tourist organizations

Labor force of tourist organizations

Labor resource is the number of staff members of different professional and qualification groups employed in production of tourist products and service.

Depending on their functions and the level of qualification employees of tourist organizations can be divided into following groups:

  • Managers
  • Specialists
  • Office staff members
  • Workers
  • Junior service staff

Managers are employees holding positions of CEO or heads of departments or deputies of managers. They organize production of tourist products and services, make management decisions, solve complicated production problems, resolve conflicts and check time tracker reports.

Specialists are employees who have special skills and knowledge and who hold positions of accountants, economists, technicians, lawyers. They use data gathered by a time tracker to provide business-processes and to check their status and effectiveness.

Office staff members are employees providing preparing of documentation, tracking, office service and records management: cashiers, record managers, secretaries. Time trackers on this level of employment are needed to simplify business-processes and to make them faster.

Workers are employees who are busy to product tourist products and services. Time trackers here are used to control workers themselves. Sometimes salaries of employees of this level depend of the results shown in a time tracker report. 

Junior service staff is people who help office staff members to provide their work.

Effectiveness of tourist business is determined by qualification and responsibility of each employee. That is why it is important to be sure in knowledge and skills of candidates while recruiting them.

Correlation of the number of employees of different categories with the whole number of employees of an organization characterizes the structure of labor resource of a company.  Human resource structure of tourist organization should be well optimized, in other words, be able to provide set results of work using reasonable expenses. Effectiveness of a tourist organization can be analyzed by a time tracker.

Effectiveness of using labor resources is measured by workforce productivity, in other words, the level of effectiveness of reasonable activities of people or the ability to product an exact number of tourist products or services for a certain period of time.

In general, effectiveness of tourist business is determined by the quality and optimized set of all resources: production and labor. That is why it is important to be sure in a good quality of resources before production of tourist service and products. It will provide a high level of their quality and will give the opportunity to become a leader among other tourist organizations.  

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