Optimization in human resources department: concentrating on effectiveness

If we consider working with employees of the enterprise as a system, then human resource management can be regarded as content, and HR records keeping can be understood as a form of personnel policy of the enterprise. This co-called content and the form cannot exist independently. It is really important to build an effective work with personnel, taking into consideration peculiarities of the enterprise and the way employees perform their work there.

A company finds an appropriate employee. Further specialists of human resource department need to enroll him in a proper way. Otherwise, if HR records’ keeping is done incorrectly, the company gets financial risks and the chief manager can get a personal penalty.

If HR policy of a company is characterized by cost saving and a significant staff turnover, it is necessary to pay more attention to the problem of business process optimization in HR management.

Implementation of basic principles of the work of human resource department

Each chief manager is aimed at setting of effective work of human resource department, and, at the same time, wants to avoid salary budget increase. Within the frames of such objectives company management try to eliminate complaints from various departments of the company, to meet legislation deadlines of documents processing.

In order to find out what is going on in human resource department and before any activities aimed at optimization of business processes, company management should provide observation of work as it is. Only after two or three weeks of observations head of the department and employees arrange a meeting. Colleagues discuss weak point in their work and make a plan of business process optimization. Very often it becomes obvious that a company needs to increase the number of specialists in human resource department. However, it leads to increasing of expenses. Taking into consideration the ambition of company management to avoid any extra expenses, companies usually choose the way of business process optimization aimed at intensive changing of the way of work. This type of optimization is focused on reducing of time spent on certain procedures of human resource department. The following principles of activities are used in this strategy:

  • Implementation of the continual approach records management. Continual approach is aimed at implementation of continual character of document processing. That means that a specialist makes the same procedures which have typical character at the same time. Making this, specialists don’t distract on some other objectives, this makes implementation of procedures quicker and helps to reduce the number of probable mistakes.
  • Work of employees in cooperation with direct line managers. Transferring of authorities from higher management to line managers helps to make business processes easier and to save time.
  • Regulatory measures for human resource department. After optimization of business processes it is highly important to create rules and regulations which help to work effectively.
  • Full automation of objectives fulfilled by means of software solutions.

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