Optimization of management: 4 commonly used techniques

Business process optimization in management is directed to defining and choosing of the most appropriate solutions.

This process includes the following objectives:

  1. A ready operating system is being optimized. During this process the enterprise appeared as a result of all the stages of its creation is studied and improved. More often such an objective reflects in management of organization activities or in social and economical relations.
  2. The best variant of the order of enterprise structure formation is being chosen. The staged development of management is assessed but the final result is not evaluated. Such an objective appears in technical spheres or in the spheres of technologies.

The purpose of business process optimization in management is quality activity of an enterprise, full implementation of requirements and getting of results because of which this enterprise was created. Besides the purpose, there is an object and a subject of the enterprise. The object is a legal body itself and the subjects are internal parts of this body: accounts department, employees and activities themselves, technical equipment, etc.

4 techniques of business process optimization in management

Basic methods of optimization are techniques which are used more often in practice by entrepreneurs due to their convenience and easiness. Using of these techniques allows providing business process optimization of the whole system of management, having improved the quality of enterprise activities.

  1. Mathematic modeling. This method is characterized by making decisions according to statistics which is represented as formal. With the help of this method the quantity analysis of the problem is characterized and the most appropriate variant of solution is chosen.
  2. Methods of expert evaluation are used in case it is impossible to use the previous method. It is very good when setting and solving questions on the management of professionals who have enough knowledge to make their own hypotheses and conclusions.
  3. The method of brainstorm which is used in particular cases with minimal amount of information and limited time for solving the problem. In this case, people who have a certain amount of knowledge in this sphere are involved in discussing of the problem and finding of appropriate decisions.
  4. Game theory is a method of business process optimization in management which allows an enterprise to function freely in conditions of competitiveness, modeling circumstances under which the decision made has an influence on competitors.

All techniques stated above can be used separately as well as in a complex of actions directed to business process optimization in the sphere of management. Choosing of one or another method depends on stated objectives directly.

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