СRM systems: rules and peculiarities of implementation

Basic features of CRM systems are keeping of contact information of partners and the history of simple actions with them. However, during the process of company growth, there is a need in implementation of CRM system which could fulfill the following objectives:

  1. Keeping of all information on customers and updating it. A customer may have several phone numbers, contact persons, e-mail addresses, etc. Besides, the system should show that a company cooperates with one partner, even if different contact information is used.
  2. Fast exchange of information. Different employees and departments of one company can work with a customer at the same time. It is very important for all employees who work with the same customer to be aware of everything what is going on in cooperation.
  3. Being more flexible in providing of documentation for customers.

Customer relationship management

CRM system is software used for optimization of business processes by means of automation of the strategies of cooperation with customers and partners. This tool is used in order to raise the level of sales, to provide business process optimization in the sphere of marketing and to improve customer service. Customer service is improved by implementation of CRM system by means of keeping information on customers and the history of cooperation with them in order to set and optimize business processes and to provide further analysis of the results.

The main aim of implementation of CRM systems usually becomes the enlargement of the level of satisfaction of customers by means of the analysis of gathered information on customer behavior, tariff setting and using of marketing tools. Thanks to optimization of business processes by means of automation there is an opportunity to take into consideration personal requirements of customers and to speed up customer service, avoiding probable difficulties in work.

Objectives which are possible to fulfill with the help of CRM

  1. Improvement of quality of the work of managers due to the availability of the full history of cooperation with customers in the system.
  2. Improvement of effectiveness of the work of managers. Thanks to using of CRM, routine procedures are simplified significantly, including preparing of standard documents, newsletter e-mailing, etc.
  3. The analysis of effectiveness of marketing actions. It is possible to define how a customer finds out about the company and why his choice is made in favor of the company.
  4. Targeted marketing: making of target groups of customers with the selection of the categories most profitable for the company.
  5. Planning of sales volumes: immediate reporting with any segment of data, defining of month sales volumes for each manager.
  6. Project management: visualization of objectives and stages of their implementation.

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