Preparations for business process optimization

Arrangement of conditions

This stage of business process optimization needs:

  • Establishing a team on implementation area
  • Defining the order of business process optimization
  • Developing the system of working with employee initiatives
  • Creating infrastructure of the program

Establishing of implementation teams is not only the choice of certain employees who are to implement projects and activities but also division of responsibilities. It is important to define zones of responsibilities and powers from the very beginning. Those who are included into implementation teams are also participants of training and motivation programs and they are the basis of company business process optimization.

Implementation of the project itself is based on fulfilling of many optimization objectives. And here you can’t do without elaborated procedures of project management.

One of the main resources of development is working with employee initiatives. There is an opportunity to get a lot of ideas on the ways of optimization, involve talented employees into active work and support them. Procedures of working with employee offers should be clear and well described, otherwise this approach won’t work.

Business process optimization is a complicated process; however, it can be simplified if necessary infrastructure has been created: project offices, classrooms, information resources, photo and video equipment for project work, etc.

Training system

It is necessary to provide continuous and permanently functioning training program for specialists of 4 categories:

  1. Specialists competent in business process optimization and working on optimization projects. They need enhanced programs of theoretical and practical trainings;
  2. Key partners (employees and chief managers) who do not take part in projects but support and cooperate with project participants;
  3. Lineal employees for implementation areas. Their training can be provided in a form of short seminars.
  4. Internal trainers working full-day or part-time. They need enhanced programs of theoretical or practical trainings on business process optimization and coaching.

General trainings on business process optimization for all the personnel can be provided by full-time employees or external consultant.

At least 5 percent of the personnel should be involved into enhanced training programs. This will let to reach long-term results. Heads of all departments should provide necessary conditions for trainings.

Participant motivation

It is highly important to support and stimulate those employees who are involved into the process of optimization.

It is important to use all necessary tools of motivation, material and non-material stimulation and to define distinctly how motivation of three types of employees will be provided:

  1. Managers of all levels
  2. Members of project teams
  3. Employees working on implementation areas.

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