Some peculiarities of business-processes monitoring. Time tracker solutions

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Big companies which use more than one software for business-processes and employees of which have different tasks during a working day need to control the effectiveness of their staff members and business-processes. Very often business-processes of big companies are complicated as the system of functioning of a company is multilevel. There is a problem of monitoring of network employees because it is hardly ever possible to provide monitoring manually. That is why CrocoTime offers a service which will help you to save time, become more productive and successful in your business.

One of lots of cases which CrocoTime can offer to a company is using of the time tracker to control the work of network employees. The main aim of using time trackers is to raise effectiveness of the work of network employees and to optimize business-processes.

CrocoTime software can be installed remotely on work places of staff members. It gets all needed data automatically. The time tracker counts:

  • Time of work with certain programs (not only software applications used for supporting of business-processes but also corporate sites, social nets or entertaining platforms)
  • Correlation of working time and time for breaks
  • Time of work in certain programs and time of work not using them

Interface of the time tracker can show you:

  • Time of being of a network employee at a work place without any activities in a computer
  • Time of work of a network employee in a certain program during a work day
  • Time when a network employee got distracted from the work in a certain program

You also have the opportunity to see a whole work day of an employee broken down by hours.

CrocoTime interface gives the opportunity to see activity of employees in certain applications taking into consideration time of work with them. With the help of the time tracker a manager can easily follow serious violations of employees such as spending working time on sites and platforms which are not connected with work tasks.

CrocoTime also offers a number of different kinds of reports on business-processes and employees’ effectiveness. The time tracker forms them and they can be downloaded in Excel. For example, a manager can get a report on

  • The whole activity of employees in network
  • The number of hours worked
  • The time spent on work in different applications and programs

Work of staff members who do different types of work (on computer, on the phone or with a customer) can be also analyzed and presented like an Excel report.

Moreover, CrocoTime time tracker will easily clear the situation with being late and leaving a work place beforehand. It is always the biggest problem in companies with a big number of staff members.

It is also very convenient when software applications used for providing business-processes can be integrated with a time tracker. CrocoTime also offers this option.

To sum it up, CrocoTime can be a perfect solution for big companies with complicated business-processes including different tasks. It is a perfect tool to raise effectiveness and profitability of business.

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