Time management of a company


The notion of time management includes all the technologies of planning, which are used by an employee by himself to raise the effectiveness of using working time. However, using of time management is not compulsory.

Time tracker reports sometimes present disappointing results of employers. That is why nowadays there are more and more companies which realize a need in centralized corporate implementation of time management technologies.

The necessity of a corporate implementation of time management

The necessity of a corporate implementation of time management is conditioned by the following reasons:

  1. Growing movement of changes of economic environment require delegation of authorities to employees, their quick decisions and their independent planning of work.
  2. Non-material assets of companies are getting more and more valuable. The effectiveness of work of managers and other staff members become the most important factor of success of a company.
  3. Most companies nowadays often change the direction of their development. Employees should be flexible to constant changes and be able to a high level of self control

Time management training

The first step to have effective and highly organized employees is to teach them. But a common training will not give you satisfactory results. Your task is to make a preliminary analysis of the effectiveness of each employee. Don’t be afraid to show a time tracker monitoring data to staff members. Some of them are sure that they have high indexes of effectiveness. But a time tracker will help you to prove that it’s not quite correct. After training your task will be to set a testing period during which employees will try to do as much as they can to be more effective using the main strategies of time management. A time tracker indexes will show your staff members that they can work more effective and spend less time on it.

Time management skills diagnostics

Not only time tracker reports can show the progress after training. There’s a special analysis of skills of time management employees got.

There are three levels of competence which each staff member should have. They are:

  • Personal time management
  • Time management in a team
  • Corporate time management

Every employee fills up a form with key questions which will help to understand what skills he acquired after training. The analysis of all questionnaires will show what problems and weak points on each level of competence your personnel have. Of course a time tracker can help you again to follow the effectiveness of every employee and will show the dynamics of the development of time management competence among staff members.

Cost-effectiveness analysis of time management implementation

Cost-effectiveness of time management implementation is very important when profitability of a company depends only on the effectiveness of personnel. The results of training can be obvious in a time tracker report which includes the data about a personal effectiveness of an employee. Time management strategies will help your staff members to raise their effectiveness and to bring more profit to your business.

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